Saturday, August 13, 2011

LHQ - International Left-Handed Quilters Anonymous - 08/13/11

Hello – my name is Kitty – and I’m A LEFT-HANDED QUILTER!

Now you guys say – Hello, Kitty!  ;))


SO - 

WELCOME to the First Official Meeting of -


If you are Right-Handed -
Please sign in below as "Visitor" - and let me know what you think of the "Show".

If you are Left-Handed - to sign in - please leave a comment below.
Please include –
Your first name (and last initial if you want) – we are anonymous after all -
The name of your blog (if any) – and a link to your blog - so we can visit -
The name of your dog – not really - just checking to see if you are paying attention - ;))
The name of your country – just how ”International” are we?

I would REALLY like a head-count of the Left-Handed Quilters out there in blogland.
I believe that there are more of us than ANYONE realizes!

And - just so you know - I was going to have a "secret" door prize - but decided against it.
I think participation should be based on the love of quilting - not the possibility of a bribe prize.
Maybe next time - but not now.

And - I didn't get a linky thingy set up - too much trouble and not enough time to figure it out.
Maybe next time - if there IS a next time...


Button, Button – Who’s got the button?

If you have the “A Left-Handed Quilter” button on your blog –
or the "Right Handed Friend of A Left-Handed Quilter" button on your blog - 
please let me know in your comment - I want/need to update my "Lefties" list.

If you don’t have the button – you really should.  (Especially if you're on my "Lefties" list already - reciprocity and all of that. ;))

If you don’t have a blog – just tell me that you would have the button on your blog if you had a blog. That’s good enough for me.  I can still add you under - "No Bloggie - No Button".


#1 - First Annual International LEFT-HANDED Quilters Anonymous Online Quilt Show

Say that three times fast!

I know that we are truly International – because I know we have –
  • Me – United States
  • Julie – Japan
  • Mad about Craft – UK
  • Sue – Australia
  • susanm – South Africa
  • And who knows how many others!!

So - let this be our Very First Quilt Show –

If you would like to participate –

please leave a link to your blog post with a photo and the story of your Very Best Quilt.

We want our Very First Quilt Show to show our Very Best Quilt, don’t we??

So show us what you’ve got!

I posted mine yesterday – here.



But first - I would like to make the following proposals -

I propose that we form our own local "Left-Handed Quilters" (LHQ) groups.
If the “Modern” guys can do it – why can’t we?

I propose that we seek out other Lefties in the Local Quilt Guild - if you belong to one - and form our own groups.

I propose that we ask our Local Quilt Shop owner to post a sign-up sheet for Lefties –
or do it ourselves – on a bulletin board – at church - at the grocery store - or wherever they post notices - so that we can find out which other quilters in the community are Left-Handed.

I propose that we ask our Local Quilt Guilds and Quilt Shops for “Lefties Only” Classes - taught by Lefties.

I propose that – if we are Lefties – we offer to teach classes – for “Lefties Only”.

I propose that we help each other learn new techniques – cutting tricks – and share info – either in person or on the internet through tutorials on our blogs.

I propose that we add a page to our blogs – "Left-Handed Quilting" (LHQ) – with links to tutorials on “How To Do It – Left-Handed”.

I propose that we add the button – "A Left-Handed Quilter" – to our blogs – at the top where other Lefties can easily see it. Tell the world that we are Left-Handed!

I propose that WE MAKE SOME NOISE!!!

I propose that we all get together to do this again – real soon!

All in favor say “AYE!”


Rose said...

I am blogless and left-handed, however, if I had a blog, I would definitely have your button. Happy Leftie Day!

Donna said...

I love all this. The timing just sucks for me. I'll attend the first international left handed quilters conference but I'll be a few weeks late.

Donna M

Sue said...

Hiya Left Handed One

Sue said I gottsa comment...I say...comment..Ima left hander 2!!!...harharhar :)

da Missus!

Sue said...

AYE! I second the motion.

Katie M. said...

I am a 'visitor' but I will promote "International Left-Handed ...." on my blog!

Sue said...

I've just added my Left Handed Quilter post to my blog. It took longer than I expected, as I had a hard time getting the piccies to stick! It all worked out in the end, tho!

katie z. said...

I'm a leftie, and I have your button...

My blog is Zana's Ninis (

I meant to write a whole post about this quilt for you, but then life (DH and three kids and lack of schedule) bowled me over today! My best quilt ever is one I call the Unbaby Quilt. That's another story for another time, but here it is...

AND Happy Left-Handers' Day!

katie z. said...

oops... and I'm in the US.

No dog, sorry!

Stitchin' time said...

I'm a visitor that follows Sue's blog but I wonder how it affects LH's when the directions say at the end of craft instructions "lefthanders just reverse directions" or something similar. I find it difficult enough learning something new without the added distraction of having to convert each step!

Donna said...

Ok. Best Quilt. Here it is:

It hangs in my studio. It's a Jinny Beyer design and RJR fabrics. This is a color palette I would never have chosen on my own. The center and corners are paper-pieced, very difficult for me. Am I the only left-handed who is dyslexic with mirrow-images and paper piecing? The quilt is all machine-quilted by me. In my next life perhaps I'll garden and handquilt.

malmur said...

Hi, I'm a Welsh left handed quilter but I don't have a blog. I spend hours reading those that others write!!!


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