Saturday, August 6, 2011

Scrappy Saturday - 8/6/11

Scrappy Saturday - 8/6/11

Earlier this week on Design Wall Monday - 8/1/11

I had 9 blocks -

And then I decided I wanted 16 -

So I made some more "tubes" and cut them up -

Do you see anything wrong with this one?  No?

Now do you see anything wrong with this one?

Need to cut the big one down - 
And cut another one to replace the little one - 
But - there isn't enough of the red polka dot on the end - 
So a little frogging and some resewing -  

And then there were12 -

And - now I have 16 -

I may re-arrange it some more - 

I may even put it back the way it was - ;))

It's from Bonnie Hunter's pattern - Scrappy Trip Around the World -  

I'm going to call it - "Scrappy Tripping"

And it fit right in with Judy's August UFO Challenge this month - lucky me!!

Judy picked #7 this month -  
  • Stage 7.  Need Block Construction - Partially Done - etc.
"Scrappy Tripping" was only one of 14 projects that I have in this category -

But now that the blocks are all laid out - I moved it up to Stage 6 - 
  •  Stage 6.  Need Top Construction - Layout - Borders - etc.

If I can get the blocks sewn into a top - then I can move it to Stage 5 - 
  • Stage 5.  Need Back - Sleeve - Binding - Label - etc.

Chances are it's not getting much higher on the list than that -
  • Stage 4.  Need Basting and all of the above
  • Stage 3.  Need Quilting and all of the above
  • Stage 2.  Need Label - Heart - Scrap Card - Story and Photos
  • Stage 1.  Need Story and Photos

But that's OK - I got one of the fourteen done - 

next up -

Scrappy Star Block

or maybe something else -

don't really know yet -


I'm thinking that we should have an online meeting and Quilt Show - our very own - 

First Annual International LEFT-HANDED Quilters Anonymous Online Quilt Show -

Say that three times fast - ;))

On Saturday we could all post a picture and the story of our "Best" Quilt -

What do you think?

My mission between now and then is to get other Lefty Quilter/Bloggers out there in blogland to put the "A Left-Handed Quilter" button on their blog and to maybe show up for the meeting and Quilt Show -

Spread the word - 

Maybe we can link up or something - I still need to work on that -

And an agenda - probably need an agenda - 


Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - gotta do some stuff - 


Sue said...

^5's you. I'm in! I'm in!

mainer said...

Love those scrappy trip blocks. I am looking forward to a finish.

katie z. said...

I will do my best to be around!


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