Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Two Question Tuesday - 8/30/11

Two Question Tuesday – 8/30/11

Here's the deal - I really liked Mama M.'s Five Question Friday - but that's just too many questions for me.  So I'm going to do my version - and without the linky thingy.

I'll ask two questions and then give you my answers.  If you want to play - you can give me your answers in the comment section.  If you have a blog and would rather answer them there - just leave a link to your blog instead. I don't know how to do the "Linky" thing like Mama M. yet - and to be honest - I would rather sew than find out - so I'll do it this way until I figure it out.

Two questions for you this Tuesday -

1.  What food would you eat if you had to eat the same food at every meal for a month?
2.  How do you get your sewing/quilting mojo back?


1.  What food would you eat if you had to eat the same food at every meal for a month?
RICE.  I never get tired of rice.  Plain.  Butter - salt - pepper.  Ketchup rice.  Chili and rice.  Beans and rice.  Chicken and rice.  ANYTHING and rice.  Or just rice.  Plain.

2.  How do you get your sewing/quilting mojo back?
Playing with my fabric usually gets my sewing/quilting mojo back.
Pre-washing it - untangling it - trimming it - pressing it - folding it - patting it - fondling it - touching it - sometimes just looking at it.  I LOVE FABRIC!!


OK - your turn.

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Sarah said...

Hmm...I'm stumped with #1 - will have to keep thinking on that one.

#2 is generally solved by cleaning the studio. Organzing the mess and leaving out a couple UFOs to work on usually gets me back in the mood. And guess what's on the agenda for tonight?!

Katie said...

#1. Pasta. Rice and cheese are close seconds. You can do so much with all three, but that's not why I love them. Mmmm...carbs!

#2. Surfing the net for quilty stuff usually gets me going again. Of course, it's NEW projects, not motivation to finish old ones, but once I'm in the sewing room, my practical side kicks in and talks the impulsive side into working on older projects first so it's all good.

Rose said...

#1 Bread, cheese and pasta. Love my carbs!

#2 A walk through my local quilt shop usually does the trick

Katie M. said...

1 - homemade chicken noodle soup! but I'm with you on rice, too. I love rice.

2 - when you get an answer to this one that works, please let me know!!! I'm ready to box up the entire sewing room along with machines and put them in storage!


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