Friday, August 12, 2011



Machine Pieced
Hand Quilted
33" x 33"
Started - March 17, 1996
Completed - August 3, 1996

Pattern - Easy Watercolor Wreath
By Sharon Evans Yenter

This was my first attempt at the "Watercolor" technique.

Only three floral fabrics were used in the center section with a white-on-white and some coordinating fabrics added for the corners and borders.

I quilted down the center of the 2" squares to give the illusion of even smaller quilt pieces.

It is one of my favorite quilts and is the quilt I used for the picture at the top of my sidebar.

I did my BEST hand-quilting on this quilt.
I even redid one corner three times to get it right.
The quilting pattern has four feathers on one side and five on the other.
I wanted to make them match the next corner - 5/4 - 4/5 - 5/4 - 4/5.

  I even managed to get 9 stitches to the inch -

It won 1st Place at the County Fair in 1996.

It also won 1st Place in the Ojai Valley Quilt Show - January 1997.
I thought that it was funny that they didn't see the hanging sleeve and hung it sideways.
(My sleeves are usually the same fabric as the backing and are apparently invisible. ;))

Then it was shown on the "Winner's Wall" in the Ojai Valley Quilt Show - January 1998.
That time it was hung correctly. ;))


And yes - I know that the Quilt Show is tomorrow. ;))

I decided to post my BEST quilt early - today - so that I can host the meeting tomorrow -

and then link back to this post for those who want to see my entry.

See you all tomorrow!

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Katie M. said...

Beautiful! And hand quilted to boot - I hand quilted a place mat once - it only took me 2 year :-)

Judee said...

Amazing work! You certainly deserve the prizes.

Sue said...

That is absolutely beautiful. You did a fabulous job on it.


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