Wednesday, August 10, 2011

LHQ - Needle-Turn Applique - Basics

LEFT-HANDED QUILTING - Needle-Turn Applique - Basics

Note - these instructions are written in LEFTISH.
If you are right-handed - just reverse the directions.

This little demo will show you how I do the basic “Needle-Turn” Applique stitch -

On this sample -
The blue is the appliqué
The muslin is the background
I’m going to use black thread for contrast
I would normally match the thread color to the applique (not the background)

Make a quilter’s knot

Bring the needle up in the appliqué about ¼” in from the raw edge

Use the needle to “turn” under the ¼”
(and you wondered how the stitch got it’s name??)

Take a stitch –
Insert the needle “in” the background/muslin -
directly across from where the needle came “out” of the appliqué -
and point the needle at an angle to come “out” again in the fold of the appliqué a little bit away

Take a couple of stitches

Can you see the stitches?

How about I pull it apart – can you see them now?

And If I pull the stitches tight again – can you still see them?


Well – that’s EXACTLY what we want – isn’t it??


Talk to you later – gotta go – gotta sew –


Susan Gurry said...

I took a workshop on needle turned applique but I am left-handed and couldn't make sense of the right-handed instructor and the other right-handed participants. This makes more sense to me!

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Thanks, Susan - you come as a "Google + - no-reply commenter" and I don't know how to get to your email - so I will respond here if you don't mind.

I'm so glad it makes sense - please check out my other pages/posts on Left-Handed Quilting - LHQ for short - hopefully you will find other stuff that is helpful - ;))


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