Monday, August 15, 2011

Design Wall Monday - 8/15/11


OK – so I finished this one –

Well – I got the top sewn together –
And that's as “finished” as it’s going to get for now -
Out of Stage 7 – on up to Stage 5 -
YAY – One down!

Next I tried to make one of those little mini-boards
(WARNING - Turn your speakers down/off if you don't like blog music) - 
Didn’t turn out so well –
Tried to trim it with blue “extra-wide” bias tape –
I didn’t like it – too messy – wrong glue -
And the color is distracting -
So I tore it off –
Another UFO/redo for some other time –
Maybe I'll trim it in muslin – or white-on-white -
(But I need to find my glue gun first - ;))

Then I pressed some fat quarters –
Question for you –
What do YOU do with the threads on the edges?
Cut them off and throw them away?
(And I don't need a lecture on how to keep the edges from raveling! ;))
I cut them off and SAVE mine – yeah, I do! - 
I even have a project in mind – 
(I’ll show you when I get to it - ;))

Then I decided to pull out another UFO project –
This is a BIG one and dates back to 1997 –
(BIG = Probably why it's not DONE yet - ;)) 

And I found some stitching samples I made back then -

Here’s one part – partially done -

Don’t like the dark orange thread on the light orange center –
So I need to find a lighter orange -
Good thing I have some thread, huh?
(And there's another layer of thread trays under the ones you can see - ;)) 

Found what I wanted –
Some frogging and some restitching - 
(Should be my middle name - ;))

Much better –

That's all for now -
I'll show you more when I have more to show - ;))

Talk to you later – gotta go – gotta sew –


marcella said...

Well, now you just have to tell us what you do with those threads you save! Not fair to tease us like that.

Your applique is pretty, can't wait to see the rest of that very big project.

Rose said...

Okay, what do you do with the thread? Last year, I put a bunch out for the birds and they didn't even want it.

I have a couple of those batting boards and love them. I use them a lot when I make the weekly Civil War blocks (which I haven't made in the last four weeks). I used quilt basting spray instead of hot glue and it worked out well. Also, I did not put a binding on them.

I think your applique is just beautiful.

Judee said...

That top looks wonderful. Will there be a border? Your thread is so well organized! As for fat quarters, some people serge around them (not me), I cut off the threads and sometimes I save them. Most of the time I do not prewash fat quarters.:) Love the applique'
Good post.


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