Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Bento Box - first cut -

My friend, Gene Black, has decided to join me -

In making a Bento Box quilt - HERE -

His will be in solids - VERY pretty colors -

And mine will be in "Devon County" -
Marcus Fabrics - Devon County - 2-1/2" Roll - 20 strips - HERE -

We are both using the pattern called - Bento Box - HERE -

You are welcome to join us!! -

It should be fun to compare our blocks as we go along -

The variety in colors and fabrics should be interesting - ;))

Today I made the "first cut" in my first jelly roll -

20 strips paired up - light/dark -

The "first cut" is 6-1/2" off the ends of the folded over strips -

2 each of one light and one dark -

Paired with the remainders of the same strips -

All nice and neat on the cookie sheet -

I stopped there -

Because I have to remember NOT to cut the rest of the strips -

Until AFTER I sew them together -

Can't get ahead of myself on this one - LOL - ;))

So while I do my thing -

And play with my blocks -

Go check out what Gene's doing with his blocks - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Barbara said...

I’d love to join you both, if I could, but you are the two most prolific quilt-makers I know, so I would pass. Being left behind in the dust would not be fun! I’ll just enjoy as you move along the process. Your cookie sheet contains an awesome start!

Gene Black said...

Your cookie sheet is far more organized than my strips. I have the groups folded together but I the only bit I have cut is the first block. The rest is just full strips.

When I saw the photo with all the darks hiding under the light pieces, I thought "Didn't she have more darks?" ha ha

Jeanna said...

Oh this is going to be fun to watch :) I love the cookie sheet idea, very organized.

Julie Fukuda said...

I have a small tin of scrappy bento box blocks waiting for use. I have made two table runners back in 2017 and should probable make a small genkan runner with the leftovers.


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