Saturday, October 1, 2022

Homemade -

Will do in a pinch -
When you don't want to spend money on the "real" thing - LOL - 
So today I rigged up a homemade version of a basket/sling/hammock - 
For my new frame - 
It's not fancy - 
Just "quick and dirty" -
To see if I'm on the right track - 
I pulled out a bolt of muslin from my stash - 
And tore off a piece the same length as my frame - 
Then sewed two "twill tape" ties to each end - 
Then I tied them to the rails on each side - 
If they are not in a good spot -
I can always untie them -
And move them -  

And I can always cut longer ones -

Right now it drapes in the front - 
Almost to the floor - 
Which may be too long - 
But I can always shorten it later - 
And finish off the ends with a double hem to keep it from fraying - 

I wanted it to be under the carriage - 
So it wouldn't interfere with the machine going back and forth - 
But it will interfere with my "normal" way of changing the bobbin - 

Because I'm sitting down - 
I'm used to reaching under the bar in the front - 
To replace the bobbin - 

Now I'll have to slide the machine to one end or the other - 
Which will be different for me - but still doable - 

In theory - 
After I "float" the batting and top - 
And clamp those down - 

I'll be able to fan-fold the excess batting and top and put them inside it - 

To keep them off the floor - and out of my way -
While still being able to advance the quilt as needed - 
It may be in the way as I scoot from one side to the other - 
But I'll see how well it works on this first quilt -

Then tweak it if necessary - ;))
Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - 


Gene Black said...

It looks like it will work. I hope that it does, even if it takes a few tweaks. I am thinking that you may add ties to the bottom sides. Those would tie to the back of the frame and angle the bottom of it toward the back and out of the way of your chair. I think that would keep it off your legs/lap.

Cindy Quilts said...

I think you will like the hammock. I made one out of a shower curtain. My cats like it too!


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