Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dead Mouse

“It just goes to show ya, it’s always something.”
 - Roseanne Rosannadanna


If it’s not one thing – it’s another.

Monday night – I was all set to schedule my Two Question Tuesday post –

And my laptop was giving me fits.

I could get to the internet –

But when I went to load a page –

It took FOREVER.

In fact - it took SO LONG – it “timed out”.

And that ain’t right!

My tech support (husband) declared that the problem wasn’t with my computer –



That meant that it was “something else” –

And that I had to wait until “someone” resolved the “issue” – whatever it was.

That’s why my Two Question Tuesday post was late.

So –

What’s all this got to do with a dead mouse?

Well –

After “someone” resolved my computer “issue” –

My mouse died -

Poor mouse – deader than a doornail.

So I had to get a new mouse –

This time I got a pretty RED one – 

Sure hope she lives longer than the other one…;))

Talk to you later – gotta go – gotta sew -


Katie M. said...

So I sit here reading the blogs I follow and I see "dead mouse" - I'm thinking "crap, dead mouse in a fabric bin" or something along those lines (I've read of this happening to people - not pleasant) so I must say that I'm very glad that your "dead mouse" is of the electronic variety!

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Cute new mouse! I have a blue tooth burgundy one. I always carry an extra battery with me.

Judee said...

OK, I can breathe again.

Karen M said...

I saw the title and thought, oh no. Where did it show up? I hope not on a quilt or some fabric stack. You got me on that one. Glad you are up and running again.


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