Tuesday, June 19, 2018

A couple of rows -

Of the Blue Floral Crumb Squares are together -

And I didn't see that little pucker until I posted this photo -
So I'll have to go back and fix that -

I usually cut the side triangles a bit over-sized - and don't bother to trim them before I sew the next row on -

I get to the end of the row and just keep on stitching - right over the end -

And I'll trim the tails later -

They're there if I need to re-adjust a seam for some reason -

Tomorrow I have to do chores -

But maybe I'll still be able to finish another couple of rows -

I like to start in the middle with the longest row(s) and work my way out to each corner - that way the rows that are being added get progressively shorter and the bulk of the quilt top is on the bottom with the new row on the top - I have four rows and both corner squares with "wings" yet to do -

One more day and I should have a flimsy -

Good thing - because I am getting BORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRED with this -

And am already thinking ahead to the next two or three that I want to play with - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Frog Quilter said...

I understand about getting bored with a top. Do you have a squirrel teasing you lol.

Cindy Quilts said...

I think the quilt is coming together nicely. I like the green!

Sherry said...

I like your way of starting in the middle. . . don't know why I never thought about doing it that way! LOL

Jeanna said...

I like the idea of starting with the middle and working outward. Clever!


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