Saturday, June 9, 2018

One Heart done -

And another one partially done - ;))

First the finished one - for Upstairs/Downstairs -

Got the squares sewn together and found a strip of the Coral for the top -
And a strip of the Black backing for the bottom -
Then sort of "improv" pieced a squarish piece of "made-fabric" -

Checked it for size - and it's just right - ;))

Decided where I wanted it and pinned the Heart to the back of the fabric -

Why to the BACK? -

So I can layer it on top of a muslin square -
And re-pin it - right sides together - through ALL of the layers -

Then stitch around it with a teeny stitch -
Starting on a "straight/flat" part of the Heart -

Pivot at the point -

And around to the other side -
Double stitching over the first few stitches to anchor them -

Trim around the whole thing - clipping the top center - and the bottom -

Tear off the paper - carefully -

Flip it over - and cut a slit in the muslin side -

Turn it inside out - press it on this side -

And then on the other side -

Stitched up the Scrap Card - for my Scrapbook -

The Heart will go in my Memory Quilt -
With NO raw edges to turn under - ;))

Next I made the Scrap Card for the Doll -
With a strip of the Pink Gingham and a scrap of the Heart Lace -
Then laid out some scrap pieces for the Heart -
And came up short in the middle -

So I'll play with that one tomorrow - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


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