Thursday, June 7, 2018

A little updating -

Before I got around to un-stitching one of the extra Upstairs/Downstairs blocks -

I still have the other one to do -

One row along the side and bottom should give me enough to make -
The Scrap Card and the Heart -

But I won't know until I get there - so we'll see - ;))

I updated my UFOs/Projects/Squirrels page -

For the first time this year - LOL - ;))

I list my UFOs/Projects/Squirrels by their stage of completion -

So I rearranged the list to reflect the current "status" of some of my projects -

And I actually FINISHED some - so I moved them up to the Done 2018 list -

Pinwheel Polka Dot -

"Do You See What I See?" -

And I sent two to Frog Quilter to finish for her Quilty Hugs and three for Heart Builders - she has a long-arm - so I get them quilted - and she gets a donation to the "cause(s)" - we both win -

And I get to count them as DONE - too - ;))

Quilty Hugs -

Quarter Log Cabin -

And Jelly Beans -

Heart Builders -

Khaki Lion - A Real Cutie - HERE -

Khaki and Gold Lion - Cutie 1 and 2 Done - HERE -

Pink Lion - Miss Kitty is Quilted - HERE -

And then I had to add the latest new ones -

Upstairs/Downstairs - needs a Label - Scrap Card - Heart
Muslin Doll with Pink Gingham Dress/Bonnet - needs a Scrap Card - Heart
Crumb Squares - Black - needs a Backing - Layer - Basted - etc. -
Crumb Squares - Cheddar - needs a Backing - Layer - Basted - etc. -
Crumb Squares - Deep Red - Blocks are Cut - In Progress -
Crumb Squares - Blue Floral - Blocks are Cut - In Progress -

I really don't think I'll EVER run out of UFOs/Projects/Squirrels -

I seem to ADD more to the list than I FINISH - ;))

One of these days I want/need to attach more project photos to the page -

When I have nothing better to do - LOL - ;))


From what I've read on the "help" forums - Blogger seems to be "working on" the email problem - and should have it "fixed" in a week or so - but I'm not holding my breath. In the meantime, Blogger/Google has made that difficult as we all know. Just know that I AM reading your comments - and I would love to reply to each and every one of them - but - no offense - I would rather SEW than do it the way we have to do it now. It was SO much easier to get the comment in my/our inbox - know that it had already been published - write up a quick reply - and hit SEND.
Ah - the good old days - LOL - ;))

The latest "notice" said they are no longer supporting "third-party gadgets" - whatever that means. I'm not sure exactly which of my gadgets are "third-party" - but "third-party" implies that they are NOT Blogger/Google gadgets. So BOB has a theory - BOB thinks this whole "Spring Cleaning" thing is to get rid of anything that ISN'T Blogger/Google. They got rid of OpenID - and seem to restrict commenters to only those who have Google accounts. That may be why the email stuff is all messed up - but if/when they fix it - you watch - the ONLY comments we will get sent to our inboxes will be those with Gmail return addresses - ;))

I did a little research on alternatives to Blogger -
Just for fun - you never know - we all might need it soon - LOL -

And I did some more research on those GDPR regulations -

And I updated my PayPal profile -

But I'll tell you about all of that some other day - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Testing - ;))

Jeanna said...

You have some really nice finishes. I love the colors in the pinwheel dots.

Gene Black said...

I am behind on reading blogs. I love the colors and design of the Quarter Log Cabin.
Great job getting the "finishes."


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