Monday, June 18, 2018

Second guessing -

My choice of that Green for the alternate blocks - ;))

It's SO much Green and it seems to detract from the Blue ones -

So I was thinking of changing the side triangles/corners to the Blue Floral -

But that would mean taking one Blue block off each row and making a few more Green ones to add on to the other end - and re-cutting the side triangles and the corners in Blue -

So - before I went that route -

I put a Green corner and two side triangles up on the wall -

And I think that it will be just fine -

The Green will frame the Blue Floral and let it be the Star of the Show -

And - as you can see - the rows keep falling off the wall - LOL -

Anyway - I sewed a side triangle to a couple of rows -

And that's as far as I got -

When I decided to fix dinner -

And tried a variation of Jeanna's campfire grilled shrimp and veggies -

Mine had broccoli - cauliflower - carrots - snap peas - and frozen/thawed shrimp -

And I used my toaster oven - set on "grill" - LOL -

I may have overcooked the shrimp a bit - but it was still very YUMMY -

And you can't beat the easy clean-up -

Thanks, Jeanna!! - ;))

Tomorrow I may have a flimsy -

If I hold off on doing more "chores" -

They always seem to get done eventually -

And I'd much rather SEW - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Barb said...

I like your blocks and the green.

Jeanna said...

Oh your version of our 'camp' dinner sounds wonderful. I'll have to try some of the veggies you used next time.

Love the new quilt layout.


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