Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Check Your Comments -

Thanks to Blogger/Google not catching ANOTHER $pam comment from Mr.Viagra/Jakarta yesterday -

This post is a gentle reminder to my readers to CHECK YOUR COMMENTS - ;))

I don't know what's going on with Blogger/Google -

And while missing it ONCE could be considered a "mistake" -

Missing it TWICE is simply NOT ACCEPTABLE -

At least not to me -

So - until they "fix" whatever it is that they need to "fix" -

ALL of my comments will be "Moderated" -

But - funny thing -

I don't think it will change anything -

And I'll tell you why - ;))

Monday AM I posted my post and left the first comment as usual -

Checking the box that I wanted "follow-up" emails sent to my inbox -

And got the rest of them sent to my inbox as "no-reply" - the "new normal" -

Including one from Mr. Viagra/Jakarta with a bunch of links to who knows what -

When I saw it - I flagged it as $pam - and went to change my blog SETTINGS -

Under Posts, Comments & Sharing - Comments -

Who can comment? -
Anyone - includes Anonymous - NOPE -
- - Sorry GDPR - I am NOT accepting Anonymous comments -
Users with Google Accounts - YES -
Only members of this blog - NOPE - the only member of this blog is me -

Comment Moderation -
Always - YES - thanks to Mr. Viagra/Jakarta
Sometimes - NO - used to be those 14 days or older - that didn't seem to work -
Never - NO - moderation IS necessary if Blogger can't catch the $pam - I can try -

Email moderation requests to - ME
The email address added in this field will be invited by email, and will have 14 days to accept the invitation in order to receive notifications.
GREAT - but NO invitation has been received yet -

Show word verification - NO
The robot thingy probably doesn't work now - I didn't see it -
And the word verification thingy was hard even for me -
So we'll see if I can keep it at NO - see if that works -

Then under Email -

Comment Notification to Email - ME
We all know that part hasn't worked for a while now -
Blogger is supposedly working on a fix - but I'm not holding my breath -

Then I tested it -

I left another comment -

It asked me to Choose an identity - I chose my Google Account ID -
OpenID and Anonymous are no longer options -

Follow up comments will be sent to - ME -

Then it showed Publish Your Comment and Preview -

I didn't expect that -

I expected to see something along the lines of -

Your comment will be visible after moderation/approval -

So it published my comment automatically -

And sent my comment to my inbox as a "no-reply" -

So much for changing my settings - LOL - ;))

And another thing -

If "I" can check the box to have follow-up comments sent to my inbox -

So can Mr. Viagra/Jakarta -

When he leaves a comment saying - "Thanks for sharing" - or "Nice blog" -

And then attaches a bunch of "links" -

I think/hope we are all smart enough to NOT click on those "links" -

Because who knows what $cam is attached to that $pam - just sayin' -

I sure hope he's getting your comments in his "no-reply" inbox, too -

So he doesn't have your email address unless you put it in your comment -

Which I do NOT recommend -

Anyway -

Bottom line -


AND those of your bloggy buddies -

I caught one on another blog today and emailed my friend to let her know -

We may not catch them all -

But with a little help from our friends - we can try -

Blogger/Google doesn't seem to be helping much these days -

My opinion only - your results may vary - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Moderation testing - ;))

Linda Swanekamp said...

I can't get a handle on my comments- sometimes they come in late bunches, just uneven. Very frustrating.

Katie said...

I got another of the Viagra comments also, but because my comments have always been moderated, I flagged it as spam and it never made it past the comment moderation page. I'm not sure how that works for others that post a comment after, but I'd guess that keeps any follow up from happening... I'm still not getting the comment notifications emailed, but I went quite a while where some came through that way and some did not, so I got used to checking for them on the comment verification page. One day they were back and now they're all gone. Oh technology... But hey, at least my internet is back - yesterday it kept turning itself off and a call to my provider, after the robot told me there was a large volume if calls, also told me they were aware of the outage. I hung up. I guessed they knew with the call volume comment and then confirmed. Robot also confirmed I was calling about the account associated with the phone I was using, which I'm sure went into their records to update outage info. So, for once, the robot I had to endure actually did as good as a person...and didn't have an accent that would lead me to believe I was speaking to someone in another country telling me an American-sounding name...

Jeanna said...

THis is so frustrating. If Google/Blogger doesn't get this fixed soon folks are going to stop blogging or move to a different platform.

Gene Black said...

I got one from Mr. Viagra/Jakarta also. Fortunately I was able to delete it almost as soon as he posted it.

Julie Fukuda said...

I have not been able to get anything in my in-box, even by making the first comment. The only way I can respond is to keep checking the blog and replying below each comment ... but, I don't even know if the answer goes back to the person who made the comment, so I may just be spinning my wheels. I did get a whole bunch of junk-mail from someone selling something and deleted it as spam. It is really frustrating to have to keep checking the post. How far back do I need to go? I remember back in history when "new" meant "Better". That no longer seems to be the case!!!


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