Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Blue Floral Crumb Squares -

Is finally a Flimsy - ;))

And I'll show you in a minute -

But first - LOL -

I was "talking" to a friend and mentioned that I like to start in the middle because then I can sew the side triangles on the end of each row in the SAME orientation - all the way to the corner - flip it around and do it the SAME way to the other corner. Easier for me - I'll try to post pictures tomorrow to show you what I mean - ;))

So here are the pictures of the last row with the corner squares and "wings" for both "ends" -

The side triangles are sewn on in the SAME orientation on ALL of the rows -

And since I start in the middle -

I can add a new/shorter row to the ones that have already been sewn together -

I pin the "triangles" because there are no seams to match and I don't want them to shift -

And it helps to have the end triangles on each row pressed TO the BLUE -

So they lie flat and are not folded over to the green -

I don't bother to pin the rest because I can match and "nest" the seams as I go along -

Take it to the ironing board - press to set the seam - flip it up -

And press it toward the corner -

The colors are more "true" in these photos -

The "Sage" green matches the green in some of the leaves really well -

Funny how I could never think of the word "Sage" to describe the color until now -
Getting older is not for wimps - the "senior moments" will mess you up - LOL -

And - while I'm here - add the corner -

Press a crease in the middle to help center it on the middle sashing of the block -

Pin it in the center and several times on the ends - to prevent shifting -

Stitch - press to set the seam - and press it open -

One corner down -

And this is why I don't trim the side triangles until I am DONE -

The opposite corner had a wonky seam that needed to be "adjusted" - LOL -

So - now it's like its friends - not wonky -

And I was able to finish the second corner the same way I did the first one -

The "other" corners are actually the ends of the first rows that I sewed together -

And because I started in the middle and pressed the rows to the corners -

The seams are pressed AWAY from the BLUE on these two corners -

But I still pin and press them the same way as the other two corners -

Third corner done -

Fourth corner done -

And it's finally a Flimsy!! - ;))

The lighting above is with the lights OFF -

The lighting below is with the lights ON-

Neither one shows the "true" colors -

Like I said - the colors are more "true" in the photos at the beginning of this post -

Even the close-ups are "off" -

Then I put it up on the design wall in the hallway -

You can see the difference in size between this one - set 5 x 6 -

And the Cheddar one - set 4 x 4 -

It wasn't until I put it up there -

That I noticed the waves and bubbles ALL over the top -

That didn't seem to want to "smooth" themselves out - UGH!! -

It sure didn't look that wavy and bubbly when I was pressing it -

Or when it was on the floor -

I wonder if it will "quilt out" - LOL - ;))

BOB is pretty sure that it won't -

And figures that it may need a lot bit of seam "adjusting" -

To get it to lie flat like it's supposed to -

But she doesn't want to waste spend any more time on it right now -

So she'll worry about play with it some other day -

Because she's BORRRRRRRRRRRRRRED with it already -

And has at least three new Squirrels she wants to chase - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Sherry said...

Your pics were what I had thought you meant, thank you for posting them.

I like the way it turned out.

Can not wait to see what squirrels you are going to be chasing.

Jeanna said...

Thanks for sharing the step-by-step photos of your process. The 'sage' quilt is going to be a nice size. Congrats on the flimsy...or until BOB convinces you to tackle some seams again.


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