Friday, June 1, 2018

Shortcuts -

Sometimes don't pay off - ;))

I thought that - instead of rotary cutting the pink gingham -

I would "tear" it instead -

You know - like in the "old" days when we needed a piece the whole width of the fabric - we'd snip about 1/2" into the selvedge and "tear" the fabric across to the other selvedge - and have a really straight piece with no "cutting" required -

Those of you "of a certain age" will remember - ;))

Well - it sounded good until I did it and realized that the "gingham" that I have -

Is "printed" - not "woven" - and the "tear" looks crooked -

Luckily I bought the whole bolt way back when -
The label says 1/22/10 - you do the math - LOL -

So I was able to re-CUT it following a line of pink squares - ;))

And yes - Sherry - that Blue Floral bolt IS older than dirt -
The bolt is dated December 15, 1993 and has its own story - HERE -

It's not "really" straight -
But I had to choose between actually "being" straight -
And "looking like it was straight" -
And I opted for the latter - ;))

I got the bodice/lining together -
And it "looks" straight - LOL - ;))

Tomorrow I'll show you the pretty lace that I found in my stash -
It always amazes me when I find stuff that I bought with no specific purpose -
Simply because I LIKED it - then stashed it away - just in case -
And it was there when I needed it - ;))


On the continuing Blogger saga -

I found the link I used to get to the "help" forum and its comments - HERE -

Some of my favorite comments are -

1 - Sarah Craig
20 hours ago
OK, folks, I think I've found a work-around that's really easy! After you write a post and publish it, click like you want to write a comment - you could even leave a simple "TEST" comment, then CLICK the NOTIFY ME of followup comments box. You should then start getting all the comments sent to your email box. And apparently, from something I read in the help forum, this is a temporary problem Blogger is trying to fix (but I'm not holding my breath...) Does anyone else wish they'd public a phone number so you could reach someone who works there?
2 - Brian Lev16 hours ago - Shared publicly
I'm not exactly thrilled that Blogger's functionality -- including what bloggers are able to add to their blogs -- is being folded more tightly into the Google+ ecosystem, which other at-least-equally-good features are being abandoned, blocked, or not repaired when broken. Non Google+ users can barely communicate with blog authors as it is, now howzabout fixing that problem for your users instead of making it all more streamlined for internal developers?
3 - Lowell1 day ago - Shared publicly
You just keep screwing around and you're gonna lose a lot of people. I've been on Blogger since 2009. It was all good until Google took over. I'll be looking for another platform. Every time you make things "easier" it screws up the works. Always! Forever more. Could we just dump everything you've done since 2010? It's not fun anymore.
Oniel Salmon
11 hours ago (edited)

They are just wasting our time with these useless updates! I really don't know what has become of blogger.
4 - Oniel Salmon1 day ago - Shared publicly
I am disappointed in these updates! We need better updates like better commenting system, access to root folder and more customisable templates.

Even if you have to charge us fee, we need something better please!

Blogger is a nice platform but the team needs to put in more effort to get the platform to become a more disarible (sic) place for bloggers like myself.

BOB and I agree with ALL of them - except the "charge us a fee" part - ;))

And it's funny - most of my "no-reply" commenters are Google+ users - so Brian's comment about Blogger "being folded more tightly into the Google+ ecosystem" does not sound that good to me. I STILL don't know how to find a link to the email address of ANYONE with Google+ - but then again, it's probably just me -

So - just for fun - I went back and re-read the first part -

The "Spring Cleaning" thing - HERE -

And found something VERY interesting - that I missed the first time I read it -
Emphasis added by me -
Aside from the above changes, we’re excited to highlight some new features we’ve been working on. New features you may have noticed recently:

HTTPS for Custom Domains: Internet security is very important to Blogger. Custom domains now support encrypted connections with HTTPS, making sure connections maintain integrity and the contents are confidential. For more information on HTTPS, check out the Blogger Help Center article here.
Multilogin: Multiple accounts? No problem! Multilogin allows you to switch between your different Google accounts without signing out. For more information on multilogin, check out the Blogger Help Center article here.
Spanner: We’ve been doing some serious tinkering under the hood of Blogger! We finished a multiple-year migration of all blogs to Spanner, a new storage system. For more information on Spanner, check out the Google Cloud Spanner site here.

"Multiple-year migration of all blogs to Spanner" ?!?!?!?!?!?!? -

So then I followed the link to the Google Cloud Spanner site - HERE - and found -
Cloud Spanner
The first horizontally scalable, strongly consistent, relational database service
Try It Free
No-Compromise Relational Database Service

Cloud Spanner is the only enterprise-grade, globally-distributed, and strongly consistent database service built for the cloud specifically to combine the benefits of relational database structure with non-relational horizontal scale. This combination delivers high-performance transactions and strong consistency across rows, regions, and continents with an industry-leading 99.999% availability SLA, no planned downtime, and enterprise-grade security. Cloud Spanner revolutionizes database administration and management and makes application development more efficient.

In today’s always-on, globally-distributed world, IT and developer efficiency, measured in app downtime and time to market, is one of an organization’s most precious resources. The challenge of efficiently managing app database backends while at the same time giving developers the tools they need to build efficiently was previously a challenge.

Whatever the heck THAT means - LOL - ;))

But BOB and I are REALLY bothered by that "Try It Free" part -

That sure sounds like they intend to CHARGE us for using Spanner for our blogs -

And if that's the case -

BOB and I are NOT paying for something that has been FREE for all these years -

I will probably chalk it up to having had a GREAT time "talking" to all of you -

And go offline and back to my "Studio" to do my own thing -

I already lost a bunch of photos on some of my old posts when Google decided to drop "Picasa" and dumped all of my photos into one big pile they call "Google Photos". I have old posts with big gray ovals and no photos - they're in the "pile" - but not on the post - and it's not even consistent - some posts are OK - some are not - and I have no idea why that is -

I never did go back to try sort that out - it's easier to just ignore it -

And I've closed up my shop selling my LEFT-EZE™ Rule rulers until I figure out the new GDPR stuff - because I need to be "compliant" and I don't know how yet -

So any more "enhancements" and I'm liable to call it quits -

Today I backed up my blog - just in case -

Because I have NO idea where this is going -

I just hope they stop trying to "enhance" it -

And come to their senses soon - ;))

If there is anything on my blog that you might want for future reference - I suggest you make yourself a copy while you still can - who knows what Blogger will do with all of my/our information when they get done doing whatever it is they're doing - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Testing - ;))

Julie Fukuda said...

I tried the test and the comments still are not coming to my mail. Strange, because ll posts and comments on our family blog come to my in-box and that is blogger too.

Jeanna said...

The pink gingham is cute and I look forward to seeing the finished doll.

Blogger is not worth the frustration to me but I also do not have a business. My blog is just for fun and fun should be easy.

Gene Black said...

Yes, I was amazed that no one had commented on my blog - then suddenly it hit me that the comments are not emailing now. So frustrating. I am afraid we will all stop blogging if this **** continues

Katie said...

Thanks for making my head hurt! All that technical mumbo jumbo...and it DOES sound like it might become not free. I've been through this blog change once before (American Patchwork and Quilting had what we called mini-blogs through their website years ago and then I ended up on blogger (versus wordpress) when they discontinued) and am starting to wonder if it's not just worth the cost to have MY blog. Of course, I have NO idea how to do that, but at least maybe I'd be more in control of changes? (Probably not with my luck!) Anyways, I'll be patient for now and at least have my photos on my personal computer, even if they're harder to find that way! The gingham issue is one I see with any printed panels or things that should be straight and are not. You're not alone. And I remember fact, just a week ago, when working at my local quilt shop (my retirement carreer is varied!), I watched the owner tear double wide muslin, saying cutting on her smallish counter wasn't as accurate! But I remember tipping with my mom...probably around the time that 1993 bolt of fabric you mentioned was being manufactured! Oh, and the gingham collar looks great so far!

Linda Swanekamp said...

If you have to use technical mumbo jumbo to talk to your users, you are either hiding something or have no clue how to help. Very disappointed in Blogger which has worked so well for me up to now.


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