Saturday, June 23, 2018

Playing with the corner -

After I let BOB make some Banana Bread Muffins this morning to keep her quiet -

I re-stitched all of the ends of the seams on the last row to secure them -

And laid it out on the ironing pad on the kitchen island -

It's not even pressed yet - and it looks pretty good -

The side triangle replacement looks much better now -

And the other side was re-stitched - so it's looking good, too -

And - because I CAN - I twisted the seam allowance on the ends so the GREEN triangles are pressed to the BLUE - and will lay flat when I sew on the last row -

I don't mind a bit of seam flipping done ON PURPOSE if it helps me out - since there always seems to be some that are flipped whether I want them to be or not - LOL -

And that seems to get the corner ready for the last row -

BUT - What the ---- ?!?!? -

How did I NOT notice this yesterday?!?!? -

This side looks OK -

But this side is WAAY OFF -

OK - back to the drawing board -

Un-sew the corner triangle -

Center the middle sashing strip on a couple of grid lines to keep it straight -

Pin the center of the corner triangle on the same grid line -

Pin the left side -

Pin the right side -

And then pin that sucker to death so it does NOT shift on me again - LOL - ;))

Tomorrow I'll finish it up -


AFTER making the Banana Bread Muffins -

And BEFORE I started playing with the corner -

I got sidetracked with checking out the Comment/Email fix that Gene said he found on Jeanna's blog -


Go check it out - Jeanna explains it really well - in this post -

I had to do it twice before it worked - but it worked!!

The FIRST time I "Deleted" my email address and clicked "Save Settings" -
but it was still there when I went to add it back.

The SECOND time I clicked on "Remove" my email address instead -
THAT worked!! - ;))

I didn't see the "Remove" the first time through -
Guess it DID have a purpose - LOL - ;))

Then I tried to figure out how to put back the "Recaptcha" that I took off when I decided to "moderate" my comments. I thought I had it - but it showed up with an error message - invalid site key.

I have two - don't know why - so then I tried the other one - and that didn't work either.

I forgot how I set it up and couldn't find my notes - so with Jeanna's help I got it figured out -

Blogger Dashboard -
It's NOT in Layout -
It's in Settings and semi-hidden -

Settings -
Posts, Comments and Sharing -
Comments -
Comment location
Your choices are Embedded - Full Page - and Popup Window -

As soon as I changed it to Popup Window -

The “Prove you are not a robot.” magically appeared –

There was no need for a “gadget” or "HTML code" or "site key" -


How cool is that? - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Testing - ;))

Jeanna said...

Haha, good thing you found that one problem corner. Bias can be a challenge. You are either going to really love or hate this quilt when it is finished.

Hope you have had a nice weekend.


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