Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Clearing the decks -

Since I finished up the BLUE scraps today -

I thought I should clear the decks and make some room -

Before starting in on the NEUTRALS - ;))

The left basket has the SOLIDS - the right basket has the SELVAGES -

Back row - TRIANGLES for "crumb" blocks (these will stay where they are) -
BLUE STRINGS (will need a lid and a label) -

Front row - FQ - to be put away with my other FQ - in the other room with my yardage - TRIANGLES - LARGER CUTS that will go with their friends on the kitchen island for now -

The back row from left to right -
TRIANGLES - LARGER CUTS - same as above - and 2-1/2" STRIPS -

The front row from left to right - 1" STRIPS- 1-1/2" STRIPS - 2" STRIPS -

These guys - will stay out for my "crumb" blocks -

And join their friends under the table -

I need to finish up the "crumb" blocks for my RED Crumb Squares -
I think I have all of the alternate blocks done - but I'll have to check -

Anyway - all of the cut and sorted scraps will join their friends in the hall closet -

I have drawers for 1" STRIPS - 1-1/2" STRIPS - 2" STRIPS - 2-1/2" STRIPS - SELVAGES - SOLIDS -
Right now they're pretty jumbled up except for the new ones that I recently die cut and put in baggies - so they'll have to be sorted - someday - LOL -

And I added the new BLUE STRINGS bin to the others -
(a Someday Project) - and some old project leftovers (whenever) -

While I ponder which blocks I want to make with all of my newly cut/sorted scraps -

I'm going to sort through this box of NEUTRALS -

Then tackle the BIG basket of NEUTRALS -

And maybe make a couple of "crumb" blocks -

I already have a bunch of new "crumbs" and "strings" to add to the mix -

And I think I still remember how to SEW - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Gene Black said...

Ha think you still remember how to sew! It was years from when I learned and sewed for the first years until I started sewing again to make quilts. It was easier than riding a bicycle.

Seeing your scraps makes me feel like I have hardly any.

Jeanna said...

Oh this post makes me smile. I love the organization!

Now let us see what you make with that beautiful bounty!


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