Monday, March 25, 2019

Sunday's Squirrel -

Started with fabric that I was given for Christmas some years ago -

With the intention of making a "One Block Wonder" -

Like the one Wanda is doing on her blog -

But I'm going with an easier version - ;))

The fabric has an odd - to me - repeat -
21" width-wise and 26" lengthwise -

So after I found them - I carefully cut four repeats -

Hopefully they will line up properly -

If not - oh, well - I tried - LOL - ;))

The first cut - on the right - will be a 4-Patch Posie -

I've done that before - HERE -

And it's the EASY version of a OBW using 3-1/2" squares -

The second cut was an experiment -

I wanted to see what would happen -

If I cut a strip and ran it through my QST die -

One set of four -

The results were interesting -

But there is only ONE possible layout with each set -

One run through the die gave me six sets -

The pile in front is chopped off and will be added to my scrap bin -

For my reference - in case I lose my notes -
I sewed the pairs and pressed the seams "Up" -

Turned the bottom one over so the right sides were together -

Stitched it and spun the seam the way I first saw in a Billie Lauder book years ago - now she has a YouTube video - HERE -

From the front -
Close - but no cigar - LOL -

All six on the design wall -

The 4-Patch Posie squares are simple enough -

One set of four repeats folded over so four are right side up and four are right side down -

Four layers on the bottom -

Four layers on the top -

One stack of four - each square can be rotated 4 different ways -

A -

B -

C -

D -

There are more possibilities available with the 4-Patch Posies -

And I will try more of them with the rest of the yardage -

But I think I'll use the rest of this set of repeats to cut some more QST -

To see what they look like - ;))

My version may not be as intricate or as beautiful as the triangle version -

But I don't have to deal with cutting triangles -

Or pressing the seams open -

Or bias edges on the outside edges of my blocks -

So it's easier for me -

And I'm OK with that - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Gene Black said...

I do like doing the four patch posies. Another bonus is that you don't have to put them all on a design wall and be as picky about sewing them together.

Sherry said...

I need to get back to my 4 patch stacked posy quilt. . . .the blocks are together, the rows are together, just need to finish the sashings between the rows so I can sew it into a flimsy.

I have some other fabric that I would like to try the OBW or one of the designs from Easy Stack Quilts. . . I like the rectangle one.

Oh my, more squirrels to chase when I just want to finish the guilt quilt projects! LOL


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