Thursday, March 14, 2019

Three more -

Puzzles were finished with the help of my "puzzle" friend - ;))

Haha - you thought I was going to say -

"Three more" choices for my Dresden Plate centers - didn't you? -

Well - OK - I'll show you those later -

But - first the puzzles - ;))

We did this one a while ago - but I forgot to post it -

By CEACO - Our Colorful World - 500 piece -

Today we finished up this one -

Also by CEACO - Our Colorful World - 300 piece -

And then we did this one -

Also by CEACO - Our Colorful World - 300 piece - ;))

Now for the "Three more" choices for my Dresden Plate centers -

And you KNOW there are more than three -

But I promise - I have decided - and I'll show you in a minute -

After I show you what I found - ;))

The first BROWN - was too dark -

So I looked for another BROWN - and it's boring -

Then I found a LAVENDER batik - but it's too light -

And I thought about the GRAY tone-on-tone that I used for the sashing -
In my LHQSQ 2.0 - but it's too "blah" - LOL -

So this is IT -

I found a PURPLE batik - that's JUST RIGHT -

It has the same intensity as the background fabrics -

And it's a color that isn't used anywhere else -

I like it even better than the BLUE/TURQUOISE batik from yesterday -

So - I'm done searching -

I think the PURPLE batik is the ONE -

Now I better fuse it and cut it -

Before I change my mind - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Sherry said...

Good choice...I like it.

Gene Black said...

Yaay! A decision for the centers is a good thing!

Katie said...

You know I love a good grey, but it has no place in this quilt! The purple is beautiful and will be perfect. Unless you go find something else and you know we'll all just sit here and cheer you on!


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