Thursday, June 21, 2018

After my chores -

BOB and I had a little chat - ;))

She had three Squirrels on her side -

But I had the "voice of reason" on mine - LOL -

I convinced myself that I really couldn't leave the Blue Floral Crumb Square flimsy up on the wall without at least TRYING to figure out what went wrong - and whether or not it could be fixed. And I know better than to quit BEFORE I did the unpleasant part - thinking back to the days when I made clothes - I would try to stop AFTER I put the zipper or sleeves in because if I stopped BEFORE - I was likely to put it off f.o.r.e.v.e.r. It was MUCH easier to pick up where I left off if I left off in a GOOD place rather than a BAD one - ;))

Besides - it's easy to trick BOB into thinking we're making another TOP when we're really piecing together a BACKING - because neither of us likes to make a BACK - they're boring - LOL - ;))

So we checked to see what I had in my stash -

I rarely buy fabric for a BACK - I usually have a TOP in mind - so it's always a fun little challenge to find something large enough and suitable -

My criteria for what is "suitable"? -

1 - Something that is close enough color-wise that it won't look too funky if it gets flipped over - and the back shows -

2 - Something that I'm not going to "need" for a TOP - either because it won't look right cut up into small pieces - or would be too hard to "match" - or I just don't "like" it anymore - got lots of those - LOL - ;))

So - this is what I found -

Several 1/4 yd cuts - 9" x WOF - and a one yard piece of an "Island" print -

The colors are close enough - and large chunks of everything should be just fine -

Tomorrow I'll play with piecing together a backing -

Then try to figure out what went wrong with the TOP and how to fix it -

Hopefully it won't take long -

Because BOB REALLY wants to chase those Squirrels - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Sherry said...

The island print is neat. It will be a fun surprise for the back.

Gene Black said...

You make a very good point about stopping in a good place. When I have stopped in a bad place it has been much easier to let that one lay.

Jeanna said...

I hope BOB doesn't figure out what you are up to...LOL! Can't wait to see the back which BOB thinks is a top.


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