Wednesday, August 19, 2020

A little cutting -

And I have the segments I need for the rest of the blocks -

For my Upstairs/Downstairs - Meredith top - ;))

I cut the strata with my die cutter -

BEFORE I sew the tubes -
You can sew the tubes first and THEN cut -

But the strata lie flatter for me if I cut first -

My Studio die cuts 5 strips at a time -
Which is handy - since each block needs 5 segments - LOL -

And can take up to 10 layers of fabric in one pass -

So I fan-fold each strata in thirds across the width of the die -
Trying to maximize the size of the piece "left over" at one end -

To get 3 sets of 5 - for 3 identical blocks -
2 identical strata = 6 identical blocks -

One segment is set aside for the "first" column -

Then it's easy enough to sew the other four segments for each block into "tubes" -

As some "no-brainer" chain-piecing -

While my mind wanders - LOL -

Then I take all of the "tubes" for each set of blocks -

And "un-stitch" them as needed to make the "stair-step" design -

Here is the next set of six blocks ready to sew -

Parts for all six blocks -

One block -

This set of six blocks added to the rest on the wall -

Tip of the day -

If you run your strata through a die cutter to cut the segments -

Be careful where you place the "selvage" ends -

And be sure to save any "extras" left over from the cutting -

Because you never know when you might have to fix an "oopsie" - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Gene Black said...

Yes it is always good to save the leftovers until the quilt is finished. Then you can be sure you don't need them for fixing an oopsie. And they can go in the scrap box for more fun later.

Frog Quilter said...

Loving the colors in this top.

Jeanna said...

The die cutter is a handy tool. I have the GO Big cutter but I've never used it for cutting tubes...great idea.

Barbara said...

This quil coming together looks gorgeous on your wall!


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