Sunday, June 4, 2023

Labels -

Today I made three labels - 
Top - Upstairs/Downstairs - Pastel Brights
Middle - Happy Trails
Bottom - Imperial Bargello
I print my labels using fabric sheets - 
And a label template that will print 2 across and 5 down - 
Side note - The ones in my stash were purchased years ago -
before they got so expensive -
and I thought that they were expensive back then - silly me -  

I used to print 5 down one side - cut them off -
Then flip the page to print 5 down the other side -
These days I usually print them two at a time -
Starting at the bottom of the page - 
I fill out the "bottom" two on the template -
Print that out - cut them off - save the rest for later - 
Then fill out two on the "fourth" row -
Deleting the bottom two already printed - 
And work my way up to the top of the sheet - 
I cut them apart and sew fabric strips (usually about 1-1/2") to the sides - 
Then to the top and bottom - 
Press it and put it face down on a piece of muslin - 
Stitch completely around it - 

Trim the corners - 
Flip it over and cut a slit down the middle of the backing - 

Turn it inside out - and press it - 

And - like magic - I have a label with all of the edges turned under - 
And ready to sew to the back of the quilt - HERE -
I usually stitch in the ditch around the white part - 
Then use a decorative stitch to go around the outside edge - 
It can be removed - 
But not without a whole lot of trouble - LOL - 

I have been making my labels (and Hearts) with a "facing" for years - HERE -
And BOB has to laugh at the magazine articles that explain how to do it - 
Like they just now figured it out - ;))
Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - 


Katie said...

There are a lot of techniques that magazines and bloggers and whatever (quilters all) have shared over the years as though they've reinvented the wheel. I get that techniques fall out of fashion or something new comes along to replace them for a while, but I do wonder where these "new" ideas come from that they aren't crediting. (Maybe they did pull them out of thin air...again?) Oh well. Good opportunity to get some exercise for my eyeballs, rolling them around in my head.

Gene Black said...

For a hot minute, I thought that I should just print labels for my quilts. Then I saw the price of those sheets. Holy Cow! Those have gone up a lot faster than the rest of inflation.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I'm glad I still have a package of the printable fabric sheets too. I thought they were expensive back then too.
I agree on all of the "new" techniques being rotated over the years. I have been quilting since 1957 so I've seen a lot of it.

Linda Swanekamp said...

Because I am such a poor hand stitcher, I always leave the 2 label sides open and sew them in the bottom corner binding seams. I tell people that is because it is harder to take the labels off if someone is trying to steal the quilt, but you all know it is because of my poor hand work. Love the finished labels.


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