Thursday, July 28, 2011

LHQ - Binding - Pre-Packaged - Pre-Folded


Note - these instructions are written in LEFTISH.
If you are right-handed - just reverse the directions.

This little demo will show you how I put the binding on my Hawaiian Applique Hibiscus – Red on White – UFO – using pre-packaged – pre-folded

Wrights® Double Fold Quilt Binding –

It comes pre-folded – off-center – so one side is a tad bit wider than the other.
The narrower side is “supposed to” go on the “top” -
and the wider side is “supposed to” go on the “bottom” –
so that the stitching is covered when the binding is sewn to the front and folded to the back.

You all know by now that I don’t necessarily do what I’m “supposed to” do –
so you wouldn’t be surprised if I didn’t do it the way you’re “supposed to”

BUT – in this case – I am going to do EXACTLY what I’m “supposed to” do –
only I’m going to do it BACKWARDS.

I told you before that I usually sew my binding to the back and then fold it to the front –

So –

I’m going to find the wider side – sew it to the back – and then fold it to the front
Just like I showed you all before –with just a few minor differences.

First – because the piece is so raggedy –
(It’s only been in the UFO pile for 32 years - since 1979 –
It’s probably older than some of my readers – Yikes!!)

I flipped it over to the back side - and marked a line in blue around the outside of the appliqué –
and another line an inch away from that –

The outermost line will be a “placement” line – NOT sewing line –

It will show me where I want to “place” the binding as I stitch it down
(I don’t like to trim my piece until AFTER the binding is on – just in case.)

Unfold the wider side and pin it to the back of the piece –
See the fold line?  Isn’t it cute?  That’s what I’m going to sew on –

See the fold line at the bottom?
If I make a diagonal fold and line that up with the blue line I drew on the edge of the piece –
It will “mark” my needle stopping point - right THERE at the top –
Take a couple of backstitches - 

Remove the piece from the sewing machine –
Fold the binding UP -

And then back DOWN –
Lining up the edge of the binding with the blue line on the edge of the piece - 
And pin it -

And stitch it –

From the “front” – since I’m doing it back to front -

What the miter will look like -

I left long “tails” like before – at the beginning and end -

Unfold the binding prefolds – and match up the ends -

Press a crease in both sides as a stitching guide -

PIn the ends together -

Stitch the seam and test it – BEFORE YOU TRIM THE SEAM –
Nope – don’t like it – a little loose on the fit -

Redo it – MUCH BETTER!

OK – NOW I can trim that seam –
And press it open -

Aren’t those miters going to be pretty?

View from the front – looking GOOD!

OK – NOW I trim the batting and backing (actually the front) even with the binding –

All trimmed up -

Fold the binding to the front -

Pin the first side -

And the bottom -

Make the miter - remember "bottoms up" -

Pin it -

Stitch it -
I chose my decorative "blanket stitch" - and - because it "zigs" the wrong way -
I have to set my machine to "mirror" the stitch "left to right".

THANKS, ROSE!! - for making me aware of the fact that I neglected to mention this step before - SO SORRY!!

Always test the stitch first - to make sure it does what you want it to do - 
and goes the way you want it to go!!

All done!!

Close-up from the front -

Close-up from the back -
Missed some spots – but overall not too bad -

Add some twill tape and a chopstick -

And it’s ready to hang -

As a side note - here’s a link to a site that explains the difference between Single-Fold Binding and Double-Fold Binding – if you’re interested –


So - according to this site -

DOUBLE FOLD is the stuff we make -
and fold ONCE before we sew it to the quilt 

and - 

SINGLE FOLD is the stuff made by bias tape makers
(or prepackaged as DOUBLE FOLD) - 
and has TWO folds in it.

And they wonder why we're confused!!!

Talk to you later – gotta go – gotta sew –


Rose said...

Great directions and beautiful quilt. Now I know what my reverse button is for. Duh!

Sue said...

Awesome tutorial. I think it is about time you started contacting some publishers...seriously! When I walked into the LQS this afternoon one of the first things I saw was three Hawaiian quilts....Made me smile and think of you.


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