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LHQ - Sewing Machine Question

LEFT-HANDED QUILTING - Sewing Machine Question


Recently I got an email and a REALLY good question from Cheri – regarding sewing machines -

Cherie wrote -

I’m lefthanded and enjoy reading your post.

I have a question about sewing machines that are “lefty friendly”.  Have you found any?

I have a 2040 Pfaff purchased in 2001.  I love it except for the position of the bobbin holder.  For me it’s a contorted effort to get the bobbin holder back into the machine.

Thanks!  Cheri

I gave her a short answer and asked if she minded if I quoted her and did a “post” to answer her question in more detail.  I was/am sure that she and I are not the only ones who have trouble with the bobbin holder in their machine(s).  

She then answered back -

I would love it if you would share my question.  Maybe someone else has a solution.

I have an clear extension table with the Pfaff and it is not easy to do it by feel.  I have tried to use my right hand but could not successfully get the bobbin holder to “click” into place properly.  I usually end up removing the table when I need to switch bobbins…

Thanks!  Cheri


OK Cheri - here goes – 

The quick answer is - NO - I haven't found any sewing machines that are "lefty friendly".  I keep hoping – maybe someday…

I have three sewing machines - two have the bobbin "under" the bed of the machine - so I know what you are talking about.

It is referred to as a “vertical bobbin”.

My White Jeans Machine 1777 - with my new table and extension table - has the bobbin "under" - and is a ROYAL PAIN to have to change!

It doesn't help to remove the extension table because I can't get to it from the top of the table - the space between the machine and the table is too narrow to get my hand in the correct position - and I can't see what I'm doing anyway - the table is in the way.
(Thanks to my husband - by the way - for taking the pictures for me.  ;))

First I have to “open the hatch” to get the bobbin case OUT to replace the bobbin itself

Even then - I have to do it "by feel" and get my finger/fingernail under the little flap "just right" so I can pop it OUT of the slot -

To get it back IN -
I get the bobbin case in the general area –
hold the “flap” with my left index fingernail – like so
with the “prong” just to the right of the “notch” it’s supposed to be “in”

And then – “by feel” –
I use my right index finger to slip it around to the left – and “into” the slot/notch

I repeat – A ROYAL PAIN!!

BUT - my third sewing machine - my Husqvarna Lily 555 - has the bobbin holder on the "top".

It is referred to as a “drop-in bobbin”.

It is flat with the top of the bed of the machine and the little plastic cover just slides off and the bobbin just DROPS IN.  Really neat!!  I LOVE it!

You still have to remove the quilt or block or whatever, of course, to get to it - but it is SUPER SIMPLE to replace the bobbin.  It sure beats having to do contortions to get the bobbin in the holder thingy!!  And - it's probably about as "lefty-friendly" as we're going to get!!


So – does anyone else have a solution for Cheri - other than buying a new machine with a "drop-in" bobbin feature???  Let us know what you think - leave us a comment - we would love to hear from you!

Talk to you later – gotta go – gotta sew –


Katie M. said...

As a righty I guess we don't think of what you lefties have to go through in some situations. My Featherweight and my quilter have the verticle bobbins and being a righty, I still have to 'feel' to get at it! I guess the advantage is the direction the little lever open up. I guess I haven't offered a solution, though ;-( I wonder if there is any way the entire bobbin casing could be turned (by a professional of course!).....might be a suggestion to put out to the sewing machine manufacturers.

Rose said...

I have the exact same problem with my Bernina. Bernie and I got in a fight one day and I somehow or the other ripped off the door to the bobbin area. I don't think I'm going to have it replaced. I have the same sewing table as you and the same Sew Steady top and I have a devil of a time getting my bobbin in and out. I have no idea what the solution would be.

Mad about Craft said...

My Janome has a 'drop in' bobbin which as a 'leftie' I find very easy. My other machine, a Bernina, is front loading and I've never had a problem loading the bobbin, in fact I've not really thought about it being difficult. I suppose I have never let being a 'leftie' stop me learning anything I want to. The only thing I didn't get to grips with was tatting.

Sue said...

All hail the Molly Dookers!

Mat Troi said...

Hi, I just got one of these machines and I am a beginner. Thank you for your helpful instructions on how to remove the bobby. Can you also show how to thread the machine? I am trying and cannot figure that out. Thanks.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Assuming that is a legitimate question - and not SPAM -
here is a link to a site where you can download a copy of the manual for the 1777 White Jeans Machine -


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