Monday, July 18, 2011

Design Wall Monday - 7/18/11

Design Wall Monday - 7/18/11

(HST = Half-Square Triangles)

Note - these instructions are written in LEFTISH.  If you are right-handed - just reverse the directions.

Don’t you just love ONE-WAY PRINTS?

Don’t you especially love the ones that YOU DON'T REALIZE ARE ONE-WAY PRINTS until you get them HOME – and it’s TOO LATE to change your mind??

Like these - 
Here I have a regular 1/4 yard cut of two ONE-WAY PRINTS - 

The first one is rather obvious -
And you can see that if I turn the corner on the diagonal –
The elephant’s head is turned sideways -
Definitely a ONE-WAY PRINT

The green one is the surprise - it isn't as obvious - 
But - if I turn a corner down – it goes sideways, too

Well –

I needed to cut some corners for one of the quilts I'm working on -
(This quilt pattern was designed by Lucy A. Fazely and Michael L. Burns and appeared in the December 2009 issue of Quilter's World.)

And the fabrics I need to use are ONE-WAY PRINTS -

SO – the question was –

How to cut my HST corners from the ONE-WAY PRINTS -
And still keep them going the “right” way??

This Is How I Did It –
(This cutting trick has been around FOREVER.
 I have no idea who came up with it first - but it is wasn't me.)

If I take the 1/4 yard cut and trim off the selvage
And cut two squares –
They will be WRONG SIDES TOGETHER – right?
EXACTLY what I want – you’ll see!

Do the same with the green

Cut both sets on the DIAGONAL –
From the LOWER LEFT – up to the UPPER RIGHT

Take them apart

And you will have this –
a LEFT and RIGHT version of each block
(That’s why I needed them WRONG SIDES TOGETHER)

I labeled the top one - A1 (top corner) and A2 (bottom corner)
And the back one – B1 and B2

Same with the green ones
C1 and C2
D1 and D2

Now – put the C’s and D’s to the side
That leaves the A’s and B’s

Take the A2 and move it to the BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER
Take the B2 and move it to the BOTTOM LEFT CORNER

Take the C1 and move it to match A2
Take the C2 and move it to match A1

Take the D1 and move it to match B2
Take the D2 and move it to match B1

Four corner squares - all paired up and ready to sew – and standing tall!!
Cool, huh??

Here's another version - for you guys out there who are visual like me -
I colored the corners so you could see which parts match - 

Talk to you later – gotta go – gotta sew –


Katie M. said...

You're so good.... I'd have made 4 or 9 patch blocks so I wouldn't have to think and gone back to the fabric store to buy a different fabric :-) There are times I can see perfectly what I need to do and other times I look at something forever and then feel really stupid when it finally clicks.

Sue said...

*peers through the computer over your shoulder* Whatcha sewing? More of the one way blocks? That is a great tutorial. Thank you for sharing!

Miri said...

Well done! Thanks for the tip!


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