Wednesday, July 13, 2011

No Mojo...


Don’t have a bunch to post today – spent most of yesterday going back and forth with emails about my Two Question Tuesday stuff – so this is going to be a compilation of those emails – with some new stuff.  Keep reading….

I worked on that BOB rant for quite a while but kept changing it - trying to not piss everybody off.  I had 55 hits on LHQ and 15 on QB - with only 3 or 4 comments.  I guess that the ones who disagree with us are keeping it to themselves - RATS!!  I wanted to stir the pot - to see if I got any reaction.  Oh, well – guess they didn’t want to play!

That's OK - I'm pretty much a "live and let live" kind of person myself.  I don't really CARE what people make or don't make - and I don't really care what they call it - but when I read Bonnie's post – I just couldn't resist!  I thought it was funny that she said the same thing I had been thinking for quite a while.  I also thought it was cute how she sorta buried her comment in the middle of a long paragraph and then went back to talking about how she loved utility quilts.  But - whatever - it gave BOB a chance to rant - and maybe made some people think a bit.  Or not.

Hey - guess what!!  I have a new reader – Sue - from Australia - and a Molly Dooker!  Check out her blog - she's hilarious!  You'll love her quote about wanting to be a nun!  I like her sense of humor - and she has my button!  I swear - when I see that button on someone's blog - it feels like I'm seeing my name in lights on Broadway!!  I just can't describe it any other way!!

I told Julie (My Quilt Diary - see the side bar) that August 13 is Left-Handers Day - and my mission is to get the other Lefties out there to get my button on their blog - she wished me luck - and put the button on HER blog!  Yay!  Maybe come August 13 we can have another meeting of the International Left-Handed Quilters Anonymous - what do you think?  We have Julie/Japan - Mad about Craft/UK - and now Sue/Australia - International!!

I have about six or seven Lefties on my “list” who don’t have my button their blog – and they know who they are!!  HEY!!  I know that you're a lefty – you're on my list!!  Do you want to add my button to your blog?  I think my button would look really cool on your blog - hint - hint!!

So - no mojo today - I have some stuff in "draft" mode - but it still needs editing - photo links - blog links - photos uploaded - resized - copyrighted - etc. - etc. - but no mojo - maybe later - but for sure not now - and sitting here isn't doing it - you're right - but it's way more fun to surf than edit - so that's probably what I'll be doing for a bit –

And that’s EXACTLY what I did!!  It was FUN!!

Talk to you later – gotta go – gotta sew -


Katie M. said...

Gee, wonder if I should get my own button?! I managed to create one for QFC - I might actually be able to figure one out for myself - but what????? and Mojo??? way gone......

Donna said...

Bad week in Chicago - bad storms, lots of outages including my house. So I got terribly behind and am just now catching up on a couple of looming deadlines.

The whole modern thing - I have a lot to say. And I'm not sure the timing is right to fully explore and say what I want to. Why does it have to be defined? As soon as it is, then someone/thing is excluded. So I'm thinking modern quilting is the ability to use fabrics and techniques in a way that works for you. I'm pretty linear and am trying to be more curvy/organic. Perhaps modern quilting has a linear look, but as soon as I typed that, I know that's not true. Sunday is our monthly meeting of my Chicago Modern Quilt Guild - perhaps I'll pose the question then.

Have you seen Stitched yet? One woman says any quilt sewn by machine really isn't a quilt. Brother. Exclusivity sucks. The end for tonight!

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Hi Donna -

I don't really CARE one way or the other. Everyone is perfectly free to do or say whatever they want - and call it whatever. Doesn't matter to me. I have always just done my own thing, anyway. I just thought it was funny that Bonnie SAID what I had been THINKING for a while.

There will always be division - it's human nature - we tend to divide everything and everyone into "us" and "them". We can't even agree to just call Americans Americans - it has to be hyphenated. But that is another totally different rant - sorry!

Have a nice night - talk to you later -


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