Thursday, July 21, 2011

LHQ - Hand Sewing - Ladder Stitch

LEFT-HANDED QUILTING - Hand Sewing - Ladder Stitch

Note - these instructions are written in LEFTISH.
If you are right-handed - just reverse the directions.

Here’s a cool little stitch I used to sew up the open side on the “envelope” – style coaster -

It’s called a “ladder” stitch.

Sew from LEFT to RIGHT.

Slip your needle in “under” the seam allowance on the inside –
Through the top fold from the wrong side -
To hide the quilter's knot

Take a small stitch in the bottom fold –
Directly across from where the needle came out in the top fold –

Then straight back across to top -
Take a bite out of the top fold –
Directly across from where the needle came out in the bottom fold –

Take a couple of more stitches

If I pull it apart a bit - can you see how the stitches make a “ladder”?

Cool, huh?

Talk to you later – gotta go – gotta sew -


  1. Before I was a quilter, I sewed a lot of stuffed animals and cloth dolls - I always used the ladder stitch to close the seams where they were stuffed. When I started quilting, the ladder stitch was invaluable - thanks for posting a tutorial, Kitty.

  2. I am stranded in Georgia today on the way to see my son in Florida Good news is I have internet and am enjoying reading your blog. I too am a left handed quilter. love your tips.


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