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Hand Appliqued
16” x 16”
Started – 1995
Applique Cut – 1995
Applique Thread Basted – 1995
Hand Appliqued – Needle-turn – 1995
     By Gladys Lai – M. Ishii – and me
Hand Quilted – N/A
Binding on – N/A
Scrap Card – Not Available
Scrap Heart – Not Available

Pattern – Hibiscus by EA of Hawaii
Thread – Mettler #501

This was my second attempt at Hawaiian Applique.

We went to Maui in 1995.  I thread basted a pillowtop pattern to take with me because we planned to attend the Maui County Fair while we were there – and I wanted to be prepared.

When we got to the Fair - two ladies were demonstrating Hawaiian Hand Applique.

They were kind enough to give me a sample of their stitching on my pillowtop.

Gladys Lai and M. Ishii (sorry – I don’t remember her first name) were/are both right handed.

Their stitches go from right to left.  Mine are left-handed and go from left to right.

Gladys Lai -

M. Ishii -

Me –

I had originally intended to make a pillow – but after all of these years – I thought it might better serve as another example and reminder to me of my early (lack of) hand-applique skills.

051611 – Design Wall Monday –
Partially hand appliquéd by two of my teachers – and me – as a teaching aid
May just leave it the way it is

052311 – Design Wall Monday –
I decided to leave it just the way it is.

5/20/11 – Put it away as a teaching sample
I wrapped it up and put it away with a note saying who stitched what and when.
I still need to write up the story.  (No label - heart - or scrapcard for this one, either.)

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