Saturday, July 30, 2011

Scrappy Saturday - 7/30/11

This Saturday I wanted to share a “Scrappy” project I have been working on –

BUT - I didn't get the photos edited in time - 

SO - it will have to wait until Monday.

Instead - I'll show you the cutest little Jelly Roll Quilt - 

I saw it last week on Donna's blog – QUILTING STUDIO ADVENTURES - here -

And - I just HAD to make one!

Thanks, Donna!

It's called the JELLY ROLL RACE QUILT - watch the video - it's terrific!!


So - here's my version - 

Start with a jell roll -

OR - in my case - two jelly rolls and a FQ -

I got mine at Walmart ('cuz it was an experiment) - 
And the first one was short by one - 23 instead of 24 -
So I needed another one - and wound up with 47 -
You only need 40 - so now I have 7 extra -
And you wonder how I get scraps???

So here they are - all sewn – end to end -
I used straight seams - not diagonal -

They seemed to want/need a bucket/bin -
So I obliged -

And when they say to start with a full bobbin - 
It's NOT a RULE!!
But it is a GREAT TIP!!
I came up 3-1/2" - repeat - 3-1/2" SHORT!!

Foursie -

Eightsie -

Sixteensie -

Thirty-twosie -

Isn't that just the CUTEST!!

Yeah - I thought so too!!


Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - and edit those dang photos


Katie M. said...

Oh...... I like it. I may have to rethink buying Jelly rolls!

Donna said...

Wow - love your results! Thanks for the shout-out"


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