Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Two Question Tuesday - 7/26/11

Two Question Tuesday – 7/26/11

Here's the deal - I really liked Mama M.'s Five Question Friday - but that's just too many questions for me.  So I'm going to do my version - and without the linky thingy.

I'll ask two questions and then give you my answers.  If you want to play - you can give me your answers in the comment section.  If you have a blog and would rather answer them there - just leave a link to your blog instead.  I don't know how to do the "Linky" thing like Mama M. yet - and to be honest - I would rather sew than find out - so I'll do it this way until I figure it out.

Two questions for you this Tuesday -

1.  How do you spell “definitely”?
2.  If you didn’t have any UFOs – what would you make next?


1.  How do you spell “definitely”?
BOB and I spell it - D - E - F - I - N - I - T - E - L - Y.
E - I - I - E - how hard is that???
Apparently pretty hard - because most people can't/won't/don't do it.

2.  If you didn’t have any UFOs – what would you make next?
WOW - that's a hard question to answer!
I want to make almost EVERYTHING I see.
I want to make all of Bonnie Hunter's scrap quilts.
I want to make all of Karen Stone's New York Beauty quilts.
But most of all - I want to make at least one incredible - "How did she DO that!!" - quilt.


OK - your turn.

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Katie said...

1. definitely (how else could you spell it?...she says while scratching her head...)

2. I don't let UFOs get in the way of starting new quilts. But mostly I make quilts to give away, so they have to be finished and therefore don't add to my UFO load. But the quilt that is for sure on my someday list: Seven Sisters. :)

Rose said...

1) My biggest pet peeve is how a large majority of people spell definitely incorrectly. It really makes me wonder why some people write blogs. Don't they have spell check? If not, they could always resort to that antique tool called the dictionary.

2) What would I make? I have tons of patterns that excite me and I have a lot of great material I won
that I'm just itching to use. So who knows what I would come up with.

Katie M. said...

#1. Definitely....
#2. What would I make next? A new sewing room to house all my projects I want to 'someday' make! ;-)

Sue said...

1. Most definitely. Anyone having difficulties could use the look, cover, write and check method to learn how to spell the word correctly....Five year olds can do it....IT IS NOT THAT HARD!!! lol

2. I've always had WIPS. When I first dabbled my toe in the quilting pool, my first project was unfinished for over five years. The second and third were complete simultaneously.....A couple of Christmas cheat sheets. I hand quilted them at the same time....Red cotton on one, then the other etc. I think WIPs are part of my repertoire.

Sue said...

As for the project....An Angel's Story or A Christmas Story by Annie Downes or something from a Kaffe Fasset book....in his fabrics....or something from one of the Material Obsessions books. What the heck! I think I'll start them all soon!


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