Friday, July 22, 2011

Sewing today...

Sewing today...

OK – this blogging thingy is beginning to SERIOUSLY interfere with my SEWING time!!!
(Do ya like the split infinitive?)

I want/need to post something Scrappy for tomorrow (Saturday) –
and a Quilt Journal entry for Sunday -
and Design Wall Monday will be here before I can blink three times -
and then there's Tuesday - 2 more questions - ??????????

So - today I want/need to work on my post for tomorrow - 

BUT – before I can DO that –

I want/need to MAKE something Scrappy!

I want/need to get some SEWING stuff DONE!

Then I want/need to work on my posts for next week.  I downloaded some photos last night - just have to "finish" them - which takes me "forever" these days.  What used to take me an hour takes me a day now – SLOW is me.  Oh, well…

I also want/need to work up something SPECIAL for August 13 -  Left-Handers Day and the next official meeting of the International Left-Handed Quilters Anonymous. We have Julie/Japan - Mad about Craft/UK - and now Sue/Australia - so we are truly International!!

And I have SOOOOOOO many UFOs -

I want/need to do the B/W/R ones - the pattern goes together pretty fast - unless you're trying to make FIVE of them.  Even though I have two of the tops done – I still have three more to go.  They are all bagged up - just got to get TO them!

And the one-way block one
And the scrappy star block
And the Hawaiian Applique
And the FMQ practice stuff

So – NEW RULE – Make time to SEW!!

Yeah - RULES - My blog - My rules - ;))

I try to say occasionally that my way is just The Way I Do It - not necessarily the fastest - the best - and for sure not the only way - just How I Do It.  My rules work for me!  Feel free to make your own.  Or not.

Bottom line - I just want to SEW today.

This post is up - so "Scrappy Saturday" is next.

But I know me – I have every intention of sewing today –

and I’ll probably blow the whole day reading blogs –

So if you don’t see a post tomorrow – you’ll know why.

Talk to you later – gotta go – GOTTA SEW -


Sue said...

Blog reading is deadly in that way, isn't it? I'm sure we are not the only ones who suffer from this affliction. I'm multi-tasking....reading blogs, knitting a garter stitch face cloth and cheering on Cadel Evans in the Tour de France. I've learnt how to knit and not look at it over this I'm thinking about a special project for 13th August, too.

Katie M. said...

Hope you got to sew! I hate it when life interferes -even when it's my own life that's doing it :-) Me, Myself & I are often at odds with one another..... ummmm wonder what I could go sew???


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