Thursday, February 6, 2020

Well Worth The Wait -

I moved the backing for the Victoria and Albert Interweave and the
Dear William Interweave quilts - again -

This time - to the other table -
Where I do my "in-the-ditch" quilting -

Because I needed to clear off the kitchen table -

And - NO - I didn't play with it -

Instead - I had a couple of friends over for lunch -
And then we played a leisurely game of Scrabble - ;))

While we were playing - the doorbell rang - and since it was my turn to play a word - one of my friends went to the door for me and retrieved the packages that had been delivered - and set them down in the living room. I was expecting some stuff from Sam's Club - so I didn't pay that much attention to them - until after my friends left -


I saw that the big one was from my friend -
The one who had offered to quilt my Floral Applique for me -
She had said I should get the package on Wednesday -
But I totally forgot that it WAS Wednesday - LOL -

I had given her free rein to do whatever she wanted to do -
I just asked her to do her "thing" - LOL -
Hoping that she could/would PLAY and have FUN with it -

She had emailed me when she was playing with it - HERE -
And then again when she mailed it -
Saying that she was scared that I wouldn't like it -

I told her not to be scared -
That I was sure it would be wonderful!! -

And I added -
Best of all - it will be QUILTED after all these years -
I started it in Feb. 1997 - and YES - I had to go back to look -
so it's been 23 years -
It was waiting for YOU to do your magic - you know that, right??? - ;))

So - I opened the box -

And when I got this far - I started to tear up -

O.H. -

M.Y. -

G.O.S.H.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -

These photos do NOT do it justice!!! -



It WAS waiting for her to do her magic!!! -

I think she did an AWESOME job!!! -

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - you know who you are - LOL - ;))

Some things are truly WELL WORTH THE WAIT!!! - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Sherry said...

WOW! What a beautiful quilt. The quilting is glorious.

You certainly have a treasure there.

Thank you for sharing.

Gene Black said...

WoW! It is amazing front and back. She did a brilliant job on it. It was certainly worth the wait.

Frog Quilter said...

Wow it looks fabulous. Did I do that lol. So glad you like it.

Cindy Quilts said...

It's beautiful! Your friend is very talented.

Sue said...

It was waiting for the perfect moment. It's a lovely quilt and the quilting looks fabulous.


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