Sunday, August 7, 2022

A little rearranging -

Took precedence over playing with the tension today - 
Because I wanted to put my ironing board back where it belongs - LOL - 
So I pulled Grace out from the wall/bookcase a little - 
I had already folded up the part of the quilt hanging over the front rail - 
And we had put "furniture sliders" under the feet - 
So she was really easy to slide around - 

That gave me room to hide a plastic unit to the left of my machine - 
It will hold all of the "supplies" that I need or want to be "handy" - 

Like extra needles - bobbins - rulers -
And I put my two boxes of "cone" thread on top -

I think the leader cloths - when I get them - will fit in the bottom drawer - we'll see - 

Anyway - that made a space in the back for the pointy end of my ironing board - 
And it won't interfere with the machine carriage at all -  

That pointy end is where I set my iron - so it should work out just fine -

Then - 
Because Grace was closer to the doorway entrance than she was yesterday - 
I took my Basic Math - Little Sir Little Miss off the design wall - 
And put my Free-Motion machine set up back where it was - 
I can always move it - and the little folding tables - out of the way if needed -  

I have plenty of room around everything - 
And - like I said - 
With the laminate flooring - everything just slides around - 
Last night - after I had folded up the front part of the quilt - 
And before I did the rearranging - 
Buja decided that she wanted to play with the bungee cords - 

So I had to bury the cords under the folded layers of the quilt - 

Buja hasn't seen Grace "move" yet - 
That should be funny when she does - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - 


Cindy Quilts said...

I am so glad you are figuring out how to make things work the best way for you. My cats love my bungee cords too!

Gene Black said...

It looks like your little tweaks to the arrangement gave you a very well laid out studio.
I didn't realize that you don't have the leader cloths yet. From the videos I watched they appear to be really helpful in lining up the quilt.

Katie said...

I see Buja has discovered her very own World's Most Expensive Cat Hammock already... The room is looking good and the sliders are a good idea.


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