Thursday, August 18, 2022

A little ruler work -

On this Red/White/Blue Panel
Proved to me that rulers really help to "stay on the line" - 
After doing as much as I could on the center square - 
I stitched around one little square on the left side - 
I used a ruler to outline the DARK BLUE sections -
And the RED star points - 
Then tried to "wing it" around the "feather points" -
And the center heart - 
And you can see it didn't work out as planned -
But - hey - that's what "practice" is all about - 
Now I know that if I'm going to "wing it" - 
I need to use a thread color that will blend in -  
To hide my boo-boos - LOL -
So after that little bit - 
I "re-hooped" it to play with the lower part of the center square - 
I have to outline the bottom square with the heart - 
And the two triangles on each side - 

Tomorrow I'll do that part - 
Then take it off the frame - 
To check the tension - 
And re-press it - since it has "fusible" batting - 
Then decide where I want to quilt next - 
"They" say to quilt it in "zones" - 
Starting in the top left corner - then to the right - 
Down one section - then the left side - then the right - 
And to continue on that way until you get to the end - 
But I think - with the "fusible" batting -
That I should be able to "skip around" - 
We'll see if that works out as planned - LOL - ;))
Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - 


Gene Black said...

Ha ha.. I think they don't expect you to have basted at all, except the line across the top end just after you load it.

Ruler work may become your go-to quilting method. On the domestic machine, I found it to slow and tedious for my liking.

Sue said...

There are no rules, only guidelines. Good on you for doing it your way.

Katie said...

And now you see diagonals are hard! You'll get better as you learn what is easier and what needs guides. Or you can be like me and just put swirls in everything and ignore your friends rolling their eyes. (Which is kind of a swirly motion...) This looks great for your first non-junk piece!


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