Saturday, August 6, 2022

Playing -

With my new toy - 
I REALLY like the "clamp" style - 
And the "sit-down" part where the "machine" moves - 
And I don't have to push the quilt around -  
BOB saw that and thought - "Well, it's about TIME!!" - LOL - 
It fits the space nicely - 
And is easily accessible on all sides - 
I had to move my ironing board - 
Because the carriage bumped into it - 
But that's no biggie - 
I won't be pressing and quilting at the same time -
And both are movable -  
So I'll figure out something -

Today I wanted to scope out my "working space area" - 
So I stitched around the perimeter of my quilt -
Starting at the bottom left corner - clockwise -
Up the left side - 
Looked good until the leg of the machine hit the rail - 
And I had to "jog" to the right - 

Across the top - I bumped into the bungee clamps - 
Guess I have to watch out for them - 

Down the right side - 
I had to avoid the bungee clamps - 
And the right leg of the machine hitting the rail - 

And then back across the bottom - 

I ran into something - don't remember what - LOL - 

Anyway - 
I took out my "vintage" yard stick to measure the space - 
I say "vintage" because it's a four-footer - not three - 

And it came out to 35-1/2" from left to right - 

Then I measured the distance from the bottom to the top - 

And it came out to 11-1/2" - 

So - 35-1/2" x 11-1/2" "workable area" - 
Without bumping into something - 
It would have been nice if it was a full 44-46" wide - 
And at least 12" deep to quilt a 12" block - 
But  maybe someday they will design a 6 or 7 footer that will accommodate that - 

In the meantime - I'll be "re-hooping" my 60" x 80" tops and 36" x 44" panels - 

Next - I played some more -


I took a photo of the tension setting - 
For my own reference - 2-1/2 -

And then took a photo of the "under" side - 
The dark blue dots are the NAVY top thread - 
So tomorrow I'll check the manual and play with the tension - 

By the way - 
Barbara - ARTISTIC LIVING -  asked me what I was going to call my new machine - 

I replied -
I thought of naming it something with a "Q" - like "Quincy" - but it's a "her" - so then I thought of "Queenie".
But it's made by the "Grace Company" and the company name is right next to the words "Q'nique 15 Pro" -
So "Grace" seems more appropriate - 
What do you think?
She agreed - 
 I think it’s perfect, especially since it’s already monogrammed!

So Grace and I have a play date set for tomorrow - 
We're going to play with the tension - ;))
Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - 


Katie said...

Haha! Already monogrammed! I think all machines are marketed with the opening measurement, not the functional opening measurement. Never thought to mention that to you... But you may be able to get some of that side space back by removing the side clamps as needed. (I can sometimes get away with not using mine at all depending on the quilt size.) As for top and 4am thoughts here, but maybe if this heartburn keeping me up subsides I can think better? (Don't get old...all the things start working poorly...not recommended!) But I'd bet that stitching bump on the bottom is where the carriage hit the clamps. If you butt those up to each other, that could be avoided. And tension...usually if the problem is on the bottom, you tighten the top thread, and if the problem is on the top, you tighten the bottom. I think?! Swearing also may help. (But BOB may also realize that tightening the top could also equal loosening the bobbin tension...and there is a tension guage that can be purchased to go along with photos of knobs...that someone decided to put numbers onto, just apparently not on my brand of machine!)

Gene Black said...

Yes, Grace is nice and practical. Of course if you are a fan of a "certain movie" whose title is escaping me at the moment, you could give her the full name of "Gracie Lou Freebush" --oh I remember Miss Congeniality is the movie.

Your quilting is looking good and it will get better with practice.


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