Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Ruler base - Part 2 -

Today I took the quilt off the frame - to "re-hoop" it - 
And - while it was off the frame - 
I installed the ruler base - 
That came with my order - 
It fits around the "arm" of the machine - 
And has a little bar that folds down - 
So that you can slide it into place - 
And then fold it back up - 
And tighten the knob to lock it - 
It was Super Simple to install!! -
Anyway - you can see that it is lower than the front rail - 
And doesn't bump it at all - 

And the back is lower than the back rail, too - 
So that isn't a problem either - 

While I had the quilt off the frame - 
I took a look at the back-side - 
And the tension is wonky - 
Navy blue polka dots of top thread show on the bottom - 

So I swapped out the bobbin for a polyester Navy thread - 
The same as the top thread - 
And stitched around the "workable space" for this next round - 

I "un-hooped" a corner to check the tension - 
And it looks pretty good to me - 
It might still have Navy polka dots - 
But they are hard to see - 
And that's good enough for me - 

Since the ruler base "clears" all of the rails -
And doesn't interfere with anything - 
Or lessen my "workable space" -
I might just leave it on permanently - 

It gives a nice "flat" surface under the quilt - 

Similar to my regular sewing machines - 

I just have to remember to change out the "foot" - 

And install the "ruler foot" - 

When I want to use rulers - 

And then again - 

Maybe I'll put that foot on and leave it - 

So many possibilities!! - 

So much FUN!! - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - 


Katie said...

I'm so glad the ruler base doesn't lessen your opening! I don't have a true ruler foot, but the foot that came with the machine works just fine. Much like with a regular machine, it's all about what you decide to use and make work. I hope the matching fiber threads helps with the tension, but that is am ongoing tweak for every quilting machine I know of!

Gene Black said...

Yaay! I was afraid that it would hit the rails and cut down on your working space. I have read that many people leave the ruler foot on all the time, if it doesn't affect their quilting.


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