Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Adding -

The horizontal rectangles - 
To my Basic Math - Little Sir Little Miss

Filled in the "holes" left on the design wall yesterday - 
I still have to add the "plain" blocks - 
To fill in the gaps and the outer border - 
But I'll play with this part of the layout for a while - 
Then decide if I want to move it all to the larger design wall in the hallway -  

I have room for most of it here - but the left side won't fit - 

But then again - I could pin those blocks up there - 

So I'll decide what I want to do - 

When I "get there" - 
And then - 

I found another cookie sheet - 

With "stuff" on it - 

To make the Scrap Cards and Hearts - 

For my Woof & Whiskers tops - 
Woof & Whiskers - Confetti

Woof & Whiskers - Jiffy Jelly

So I made those - 

To get them off  "my list" -
And I made TWO - 
Even though the fabrics are the same -  

Because I made TWO tops - 

And now I have one more cookie sheet available - 

And some more "parts" for "crumb" blocks - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - 


Gene Black said...

Do you have leftover squares of Little Sir, Little Miss for the rest of this Basic Math quilt? My thought was that the layer cake made the entire top.

Yaay for getting those two scrap card/heart combos finished.

Barbara said...

Basic Math? Not even “basic” is my thing, but I do like the scrappy look here!


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