Sunday, August 14, 2022

Back to playing -

Today I got back to playing with Grace - 
And wondered - "What if?" - 
What if I tried to follow a stencil in this new section? - 
I found one called "Over-All Swirl" - 
That fit the area - 
"Pounced" it - 
And tried to follow the lines - 
This time in "Regulated Cruise" mode - 

That's sad - 
Just plain sad - LOL - 
I missed the mark in SO many places - 
And mixed up some of the lines - 
Not going where I was SUPPOSED to go - at all - 
So I tried to salvage it -
By echoing around and around everything - 
Trying to CONTROL where I was going - 

Tomorrow is another day - 
And I'll have more time to practice - 
Either with another stencil - 
Or free-form - 
Or with some rulers - 
I'll decide in the morning - ;))
Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - 


Gene Black said...

I have never attempted to quilt from a stencil.
I see that in the original quilting that you did, you tried to "fix" the shape or else traveled to get back "on track." Those are the places that stand out. Without that I think the echoed version would look okay if it were on a regular quilt with thread that isn't as obvious as black on white.

Katie said...

This is much like doing a manual pantograph. Hard to be exact. It's hard to go exactly where your brain thinks you should go, but I doodled a lot on paper to get the motif in my head better. (Not using a pantograph or stencil, but you could trace one onto scrap paper and doodle over o
It.) I've also seen a rig that has a bar with handles and a pencil in the middle that can help you doodle with the likeness of a machine. But really a lot is about practice and rolling with the punches when you get tripped up. You'll get there. Keep practicing. And don't panic if you quilt yourself in a corner. I just try to echo my way back out, not trace exactly (because who can really do that?!), or some sort of travel stitching that won't stand out too much. Just remember to do it again every so often so it looks planned!

Katie said...

(Also please pardon my random paragraph structure. My phone likes to, after about twelve words, jump up to the top of the text and then back down to where the cursor is every third letter, making it hard to see what I'm typing and sometimes proofreading fails. Might be that I'm dizzy from all the jumping?!)

Needled Mom said...

One hint that was given to me was to hold the handles as lightly as possible. You WILL get there with practice.


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