Thursday, August 4, 2022

Before -

I can play with the Hearts for my "Memory" quilt - 
I need to get my Basic Math - Little Sir Little Miss
Off the design wall - 
So I took a look at the "extra" pieces - 
And decided to make a "special" block - 

One of my "One of these is not like the others" - 

I made a combo block - 
With the left over two-patch and a TURQUOISE rectangle -
And I put it up on the wall where the BLUE/ORANGE one was - 
In the middle - on the right - 
Then I took all of the "plain" squares - 
And filled in the gaps - 
And the outer border - 
The border runs the same - 
From the top right corner down and across the bottom to the left -
As it does from the bottom left corner up and across the top to the right - 
And I rotated some of the "number" blocks so that they will be "right side up" -  

No matter which way the top is oriented - 
Top right -

Bottom right -

Bottom left -

Top left - 

Middle -

The left over squares and rectangles - 
Will give me a "representative sample" of the fabrics - 
For the Scrap Card and Heart - 

Tomorrow I'll play with the layout a little more - 

Or not - 
Lately I'm realizing that the layout can go on forever -
If I let it - 
And it really doesn't matter -
Some fabrics will be next to others -
No matter what I do -
So I'm trying not to stress over it -
I try to spread them out - 
And then "let it go" - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - 


Jeanna said...

Most times it is best to just 'let it go' and it still looks nice.

Gene Black said...

I found that block in the picture because I looked at the places that *I* thought it should go....heheee great minds and all that.

Life is too short to stress about fabrics touching!


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