Monday, July 2, 2018

Squirrel's Batik Brother #3 -

I finished Squirrel's Batik Brother #3 today -

And pulled 6 more Fat Quarters -

So I have enough to make another 2 blocks -

For a total of 12 blocks -
For two tops set 2 x 3 to measure 48" x 72" without borders -

Then I had to do some shuffling. The new additions - on the bottom row - are shorter than the others and more "subdued" - so they'll have to be the "Star" points since I need the least amount of fabric for those. Hopefully they won't be boring - ;))

I pulled these three for tomorrow's block -

The next photo shows how much larger some are than others -
The top left corner - not shown - has all three matched up -

The one on top is the smallest - at 18" x 22" - "normal" size - it will be the Star -

The next one is a bit larger -

And the one on the bottom is the largest - it will be the Background -

And in case you're wondering why it takes me a whole DAY to make one of these puppies -

And/or longer if I have any "chores" cutting into my sewing time -

It's because each block has 81 - I repeat - 81 pieces to cut -

And then 81 - I repeat - 81 pieces to sew together - ;))

At least it comes out to 24" when I get done -

I made a block once with 89 pieces and it only came out to 14" -

That's why I only made ONE - LOL - ;))

By the way -

Just for fun -

I checked EQ7 to see if I could find a "similar" block -

And I did -

EQ7 Block Libraries -

#1 - Classic Pieced - Lone Stars - Carpenter's Wheel 2 -

BOB wonders if she could find another - "public domain" - "copyright-free" - block in EQ7 - re-draft it - to eliminate any Y-seams - then publish it with the instructions on how to make it - and then claim copyright on my design "inspired by" a classic. Is that allowed? - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Julie Fukuda said...

If all my block books were not on the upstairs where the hot air is rising, I'd be tempted to thumb through them for that block.

Katie said...

Well sheesh - no wonder MY blocks seemed to take FOREVER! I never thought to count the pieces (even if a guild member always asks us at meetings...). This block looks great, too, and I like the color variance in the background - sneaky batiks! As for designing your "own" blocks/patterns...well, you've already established your left handed ruler brand, why not keep going? (I might know a right-handed quilter known to chase squirrels who could be talked into pattern testing fairly easily...)

Sherry said...

That sounds good to me! Look how many people have re-sized a churn dash block & then claimed copyright.

To confuse the industry even more. . . use templates or non pre-cut sizing. The world will be in a tizzy thinking "how did she do that"!


But I do have a bone to pick with you. . . .you started me down the crumb-y path and now I am thinking that I am just this side of obsessed! LOL

Jeanna said...

I really like the purple in #3. These are going to make a nice quilt.

Gene Black said...

I love the newest block! Sheesh! Now I know why I don't count the pieces - I just wouldn't make it at all if I were thinking 81 pieces


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