Thursday, July 12, 2018

Squirrel's Batik Sibling #12 -

Is done -

And that makes 12 -

Department of Redundancy Department - LOL - ;))

Now for the FUN part -

With TWO tops in the works - 6 in each - set 2 x 3 -

I have some choices to make -

Should the "similar" prints be in the same top - or one in each? -

Should the ones with the "pale" centers be in the same top - or one in each? -

Should the Turquoise ones be in the same top - or mixed between the two? -

Should the Orange ones be in the same top - or mixed between the two? -

Should the Purple ones be in the same top - or mixed between the two? -

They look so different from a distance -

And with my hallway design wall - all I get is the "close-up" view -

So - to "evaluate" my options -

I put all 12 of them on the kitchen floor - 2 x 6 -

In no particular order -

They even look totally different from the other direction -

I know I could overthink it and re-arrange those blocks f.o.r.e.v.e.r -

But I kinda like the random order of the blocks "as is" -

Especially the two photos in the "upside-down" reversed direction -

LOL - no surprise, right? - ;))

The top 6 would be in one top -

And the bottom 6 in the second top -

So - I think I'm done re-arranging them -

That was easy - LOL - ;))

What do you think? -

Are there any that I need to move before I sew them together? - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Frog Quilter said...

Each block is a masterpiece. Have you considered a sashing strip between the blocks? Each block deserves to shine with it beauty.

Did you know there was a squirrel button? For your blog hehehe...

Gene Black said...

Immediately on seeing them all, I wanted to take the three darkest ones and three others and "zigzag" the dark ones. Maybe "checkerboard" would be a better way of describing it. Ha ha...not enough coffee yet this morning.

Jeanna said...

I agree with Gene. Separating the darker ones a bit. Otherwise, just go for it :)

Sherry said...

ok, only because you asked.

On picture 2 I would not keep the bottom 2 blocks together. They both have dominant color schemes (where the others are more blendy).

On picture 4 I think I would switch the middle & bottom blocks on the left (as you look at the picture).

Of course, pictures never really show the true colors of fabrics and the balance could be much different than what I see. And I am sure that the angle of the picture is probably changing the looks of the fabrics as well.

It has been fun following your journey. . . .I look forward to seeing what the finished quilts look like.

Have a stitch-y day.

Julie Fukuda said...

I kind of agree with Gene. Of course if you are dividing them into two quilts, that might make a bit of a challenge on the second one.


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