Monday, July 9, 2018

Squirrel's Batik Sibling #9 -

Didn't get very far before dinner -

Because I spent most of the day doing chores -

But after dinner -

I got it sewn together - ;))


Chores -

Do any of you have one of those "weekly" med/pill containers that have the days of the week and slots for AM - NOON - EVE - BED? -

I've had one for years - and would fill it with a week's worth of meds - using the AM and EVE slots because that's when I take mine -

When my husband died - I decided to use his, too - and to fill it with another week's worth of meds - that way I only had to fill it every week or so - and could rotate the containers - knowing that I always had a week's supply ready - in the other one -

Then one day BOB asked why I was leaving two slots EMPTY in each of them -

I said it was because I don't take any meds at NOON or at Bedtime -

BOB said - So make some labels with AM and PM on them and the days of the week - and put them over the ones that are printed - one set on the top two rows - one set on the bottom two rows. There's no sense in leaving all of those slots EMPTY when you really COULD use them - and cut down on how many times you have to refill those freakin' silly containers -

BOB is SO smart sometimes - ;))

So I made some labels with the days of the week and MORN and EVE on them -

And made four sets - left the background on two sets "plain white" and colored the other set "yellow" -

Printed them out - cut them up - and used a "plain white" set on the top two rows -

And a "yellow" set on the bottom two rows -

Then did the same thing to the second container -

Now I have four week's worth of meds all sorted out -

And when I take my meds in the morning - I leave the flap open -

That way I can tell at a glance -

If they're gone -

I took 'em - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Gene Black said...

I have one of that just has AM and PM on it -which is perfect as those are the two times I take my meds. But I do like BOB's solution.

Sherry said...

Pretty block and great thinking on BOB's end!

Jeanna said...

Such a clever BOB!

Julie Fukuda said...

I like that idea for meds. I have two bottles in the kitchen above my sink ... one for morning and one for evening but no way to remember ... like that opened lid. Maybe I eed to take notes on more than just quilts.


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