Sunday, September 13, 2020

Another set of blocks and another painting -

Another set of blocks is sewn -

For my Upstairs/Downstairs - Gleaned - top -
Gleaned - © Carolyn Friedlander - Robert Kaufman -

This is the first set of Black/White blocks -

After I sewed the blocks -

I wanted to play with my watercolors again -

This time I wanted to do the "Easy Flowers" - HERE -

With a variety of different PURPLE watercolor pencils -
No trying to mix colors - that didn't work out so well - LOL -

So - my choices are -
the same BLUE as yesterday - from the "kit" -
Learn Watercolor Pencil Techniques Now! Kit -
Item #6021059 -

And some PURPLES from the Crayola 24 pack -
Crayola 24 ct. Watercolor Pencils -
Item 12849709 -


I chose the BLUE from yesterday -

Along with the LIGHT GREEN from yesterday (kit)
BROWN from yesterday (kit)

And both #4 round watercolor paint brushes -
I don't know why they have the same number -
You can see the difference in size -

The top one came with the "kit" -

The bottom one is from a pack that I got on Amazon - HERE -

Anyway -

Today's little exercise started with three flowers -
Colored in with watercolor pencils -

And turned into this little beauty -

Just add water - LOL -

I think it's my favorite so far -

And the pencils are my favorite way to do stems now -

It is MUCH easier to draw a thin line with a green pencil -
Go over it with a tiny brush - I used the "little" #4 brush -
Then draw the green line again to give it some definition -

The third in this series -

MUCH more delicate -

I really lightened up my touch with the pencils -

And LOVE the soft effect -

I think I might be getting the hang of this - LOL - ;))

I have to remember that I've only been playing with these watercolors for two weeks now -

And I have a LOT to learn -

But I am having A LOT of FUN playing around -

It's not rocket surgery* -

It's only paper and a little paint - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

* I know it should be "rocket science" or "brain surgery" - but I saw this combination a long time ago - and I can't say it any other way now - LOL - ;))


Frog Quilter said...

The new painted pictures are beautiful. Love them.

Gene Black said...

You have some nice oolors in the Crayola set. I may need to get a set of those "for my birthday." LOL

Your latest one looks great. I love using the pencil for the stems also.

Rebecca said...

And what are you going to "do" with all those pretty little scraps and bits of "learning curve".
I have several idea for these lovely little paper pieces of learning...

Barbara said...

I think you got the hang of this from your very first try! I love The whole new set of flowers, especially in purples. Beautiful!!!

Sue said...

By George, she's got it! 😉


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