Friday, September 25, 2020

Playing with water -


And my "Magic Cloth" -

That I got to practice some basic calligraphy strokes -

"Magic Cloth With Red Outlined Stroke Guides" - HERE

I decided to use my giant-sized Chinese brush this time  - 

I read/heard/watched somewhere -

In one of those umpteen gillion videos or book reviews that I saw lately - 

That it's easier to learn with a large brush and then go to a smaller one - 

Than it is to start with a small brush and try to go up to a larger one -

It makes sense to me - LOL - ;))

And for those of you who want to know if it comes with instructions - 

The answer is YES - 

But they are in Chinese - LOL -

And each of the strokes has a diagram inside - 

To show you where the brush tip should be - 

And the direction of the stroke - 

But then again - 

The characters at the bottom of the diagrams are Chinese, too - LOL -

It doesn't really matter, though - 

It's pretty straight-forward - 

Follow the line with the brush tip - 

And try to fill in the shape as you go along -

Some dried faster than others -

So while I was waiting for the rest of them to dry - 

I tried some free-form swipes - 

To see if I could make something resembling leaves -

And then I tried to draw some straight lines - 

Actually - holding the brush the "correct" way - 

Greatly increases my "accuracy" - 

It frees up your whole hand - wrist - arm - and shoulder - 

To make very nice - loose - strokes - 

And - to me - it isn't any different learning how to hold a Chinese brush - 

Than it is learning how to use chopsticks - 

When you are used to using a fork -

It's just a different "technique" -

And takes a lot of practice - ;))

I think it's fun to learn new stuff  - 

Unless it's computer stuff - haha -  

And they say it's good for your brain - ;))


Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - 



Gene Black said...

It is interesting to see this way of learning to "write" Chinese letters/strokes.
I can see that using this would really help with technique and learning to hold your brush correctly.

I am iffy at best with chopsticks. But I usually get the food in my mouth with them.

Barbara said...

I’m like Gene, chopsticks are a challenge. I’d starve if they were all I had. I see some curves and tips in your efforts that say Chinese writing to me, keep practicing!

Sue said...

That looks like a lot of fun. Interesting about freeing everything up.


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