Saturday, September 26, 2020

Three things -


For the past week or so - 

I've been stalling - ;))

Playing with watercolors is a good diversion -
Since I was really just trying to avoid "un-sewing" all of those blocks - 

But I put it off long enough -

And I finally got around to doing some today - ;))


#1 - Quilt Blocks -

Just in case you think I forgot how to sew - 

I did "un-sew" the second set of Black/White blocks - 

For my Upstairs/Downstairs - Gleaned - top -
Gleaned - © Carolyn Friedlander - Robert Kaufman -

From when I was on a roll - and tripped up - HERE - LOL - ;))

Then I re-sewed them back together using the proper setting - 4.0 -


#2 - Chinese Brush -

This photo shows how I hold my brush - LEFT-Handed - 

My thumb holds it against my index and middle finger - 

My ring finger and pinky are on the same side of the brush as my thumb - 

The fingernail of my ring finger is against the brush - to "push" it - 

My pinky finger is just there - keeping my ring finger company - LOL - ;))

Depending on how high you hold the brush - 

You can use your fingers - your hand - or your arm - to make your strokes - 

It's fascinating stuff -

Especially since the Chinese have been doing it for thousands of years - 

Me? -

I've been doing it for a couple of days - LOL - ;))


#3 - Chopsticks - 

Here's how I hold my chopsticks -

I was taught years ago - by a friend - one day at lunch - 

The trick is to hold one chopstick STATIONARY in the crook of your thumb - 

Resting on your middle finger -  

Then hold the other chopstick with your index finger and the tip of your thumb -

The TOP ONE is the only one that MOVES -


To pick something up -


To let it go -

Try it - 

And watch the magic!! - LOL - ;))


See - 

Most of the time I'm just full of useless information - 

But sometimes - I know something USEFUL - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - 


Katie said...

No information is truly useless. Sometimes the situation just doesn't call for that knowledge. Like ever. But that's okay. You're a great asset to a trivia team. Because once in a while the guy who knows ALL the sports answers needs help! And that method of holding the brush seems so counterintuitive, but also looks like you're doing well enough considering the practice mat you showed a post or two ago!

Gene Black said...

Often knowing how to do something is enough for me. Other things I just need to try. When I eat sushi, I always use the chopsticks. But I am clumsy with them. So I grabbed a pair (yes I have several sets) and tried it like you showed. I picked up a small smooth round bottle with them that way. I think I will be much more adept at eating with them now.

Barbara said...

This is very interesting! It makes what looks confusing seem very simple. We do take-out Chinese food occasionally, and the chopsticks that come with it are never used. I’d try this but don’t think my fingers would go the way they should..Especially my pinky would never fall into place since the middle joint is fused by whatever and it simply can’t bend. I do very well holding a delicate tea cup with extended pinky though. Lol!

Sue said...

That's been a very productive avoidance strategy. lol


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