Thursday, September 17, 2020

Next -

I want to try my hand at Chinese Brush Painting - ;))

I have had this book for years -

It's a Walter Foster - how-to-paint book -
#233 How to Draw and Paint - Chinese Brush Painting by Lucy Wang
© 1991 - Walter Foster Publishing Inc.

Of course, the cover photo is NOT one of the lessons included inside - LOL -

But there are several other lessons and a LOT of useful information -

I have loved those flowers for years -

Never having any idea how to go about recreating them -

Until I thought - maybe - just maybe -

I could try them now that I know that I like playing -

With the watercolor pencils -

And paints -

And Amazon has everything I need -

So I ordered a set of Chinese brushes and some Chinese paints -

And have been binge-watching YouTube videos on the subject -

I found one - HERE - that explains "How to Open a New Chinese Brush" -

And you can see the difference in size -

Compared to the ones that I have been using -

I especially like the super - giant - sized - white one -

That should cover a lot of territory quickly - LOL - ;))

So after I "opened" them -

I needed to hang them on something while they dried -

They came with little strings attached at the end -

And Amazon had all kinds of "hangers" -

In a variety of price ranges -

But I already had something better in mind - ;))

Years and years ago -

My Dad made me - and my mother - and my sister -

A jewelry stand to hold necklaces - rings - and other jewelry -

I'm not that "into" jewelry -

So mine sat on a shelf -

Unused as a jewelry stand/holder -

But as a fond remembrance of my Dad -

And his amazing wood-crafting skills -

It's PERFECT!! - ;))

The top has nail studs to hold the brushes -

And it swivels on the stationary dowel - with nail studs on the back, too -

Thanks, Dad!! -

I finally found a use for it after all these years - LOL - ;))

Now to decide where I want to start - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Gene Black said...

I am looking forward to seeing your work with the Chinese painting. I find it interesting but I have never tried it.
What a joy to have a brush holder made by your father from so many years ago. It looks perfect.

Katie said...

Your dad would be proud! It may not be what he intended, but it is being used for something that makes you happy. I'm not sure what this new kind of painting is, so I'll be here waiting...

Quiltgal said...

What a beautiful reminder of your Dad and perfect for your new hobby.


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