Sunday, July 31, 2022

A little piecing -

Today I decided to play with - 
My Basic Math - Little Sir Little Miss
I've had the pieces cut since May - 

And I sorted them a couple of weeks ago - 
So it was just waiting its turn - LOL - 

Today I sewed the two groups of rectangles - the two top piles - 

And the 4-patches - the bottom middle pile - 

And pressed them all nice and neat - 

Then I moved the sewing machine - 
That I use for my Free-Motion quilting - 
To the "short wall" -
Now that the cutting table is out of the way - 
To give me better access to the design wall -  

I think I'm going to like it there - 
It sticks out in the doorway about a foot - 
But the doorway is 5-feet wide - so that's OK - 
I still have plenty of room to get around it - 

And the "business end" is still up against the wall - 
So any quilt won't fall off the edge - 
If I need support on the left side - 
I can always move the ironing board over and use that -

Anyway - I put the 4-patches up on the design wall - 

And now I can step back to get a better view -
This "angled" design wall is not as big as the ones in the hallway - 
But it will give me a nice "preview" of smaller sections - 

Now I want to share another "oopsie" -
I am SO used to batiks not having a "right/wrong" side - 
That I just sewed the pieces together as I came to them - 
And then I realized that THIS batch of batiks - 
DOES have a "right/wrong" side - 
The "number" fabrics are similar to "one-way" designs - 
This one is "backwards" because they are on the "wrong" side - 
I need to sew this set with the "other" side facing up - LOL - 

I first noticed it on the 4-patches - and have already fixed them - 

So I'll be fixing the rectangles tomorrow - LOL - ;))
Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - 


Gene Black said...

Ha ha....the oopsie - I have no idea when I used that fabric if I paid any attention to the "right side" of it. I am not even sure what quilt(s) it may be in.

Katie said...

Those numbers are so funky, I'm not sure I would have even noticed the backwardness at all. Good eye! Of course, that good eye also means a date with the seam ripper, but no one is in a hurry here, right?!

Cindy Quilts said...

I had not noticed much difference between the front and back sides of batiks until recently when I worked on a quilt from an older kit that was all batiks. I could definitely see the right and wrong sides of those.
It will be nice to have a design wall closer to where you sew.

Sue said...

A coffee date with Jack the Ripper is preferable to a dinner date. That design wall will come in handy.

Linda Swanekamp said...

Such great colors and fabrics! Your new setup is going to work well.


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