Monday, July 18, 2022

Phase I -

Of my major rearrangement is done - 
My grandson helped me move stuff around - 
First - we cleared the space to the left of the dining room table - 
And moved the cutting table to its new home - 

To make room for it - 
We put some stuff "away" - 
And we moved my strip cutter dies - 
And a plastic drawer unit to the back of the dining room table - 
In front of the window - 
Out of sight - but easily accessible - 

Then we moved some of the "mess" from the studio -
To where the plastic drawer unit and strip cutter dies were - 
It's still "messy" - but the cutting table hides most of it from view - 
And it is all still easily accessible -
Because the cutting table is on "sliders" - 
And is easy to move on the laminate flooring - 

That opened up most of the "studio" - 
And we shifted things around a little - 
Putting the little bookcase/shelf unit up against the "short" wall on the right - 

And piling stuff on the ironing board -
And any other flat surface we could find - LOL - 

Then I decided that I didn't like the little bookcase/shelf unit up against the wall - 
And pulled out both of the extensions on the cutting table - 
And put the bookcase/shelf unit back under the one on "this" end - 
So it was out of the way but I could still get to it - 

And I can always flip down the other "extension" - 
If I need to access any of the bins tucked out of sight on the other end - 

The "extension" on this end gives me room to put my stuff - 
So that it's not taking up space on my cutting mat - 
And my stuff is on the "right" - 
Because I'm LEFT-handed - 
And the bulk of my fabric is on the LEFT - 
When I cut stuff from the "right" end of the strip or the bolt - 

The gatorade boxes are my "sorters" - 
For stuff that I need to go through to file/shred/toss - 
Or just to corral stuff until I decide where I want to stash it - 

So - the next Phase will be to sort through this stuff - 
To clear off all of the flat surfaces - 
And find new "homes" for things - 

There is obviously a lot more to do - 
But I think we made a good start -
We got the "big stuff" moved today - 
And I have all week to sort through the rest  - 

To reorganize some things -

I'll probably find stuff that I forgot about - 

And I'll probably lose some things - 

Only to be found -

The next time I decide to rearrange things - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - 


Gene Black said...

"And I'll probably lose some things -"
Yes that is what always seems to happen when I "organize and put away." Then I sometimes end up buying new things. LOL

Sue said...

Now the big stuff is organized, you can rearrange the rest at your leisure. Really looking forward to seeing your quilting machine and what you quilt on it.

Linda Swanekamp said...

That must have been exhausting. I tried to get rid of all cardboard and go to plastic so I could see easier what was in something and the somehow the container looked more legit. I am still overstacked in places. Congratulations for such a strong start.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

You have a great start by moving the cutting table and things that can be stored under it. Maybe you can find some space on the bookshelves to store some things.


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