Thursday, July 28, 2022

Oops! -

Nothing major - 
But still - 
I was going along just great - 
Yesterday I sewed this big section for the backing - 
For the panel on the wall - 

And today I planned to insert a bit of the WHITE/BLUE - 
Between the RED fat quarters for the bottom section - 

And I did that - 
I decided to make the BLUE stripes go width-wise - 
And inserted the piece - 
Then I decided to reverse the sections - 
Top and bottom - 
And put the larger RED portion on the bottom right side -
So I laid it out -
Right sides together - 
To sew it together -

And it's good on this end - 

BUT - 

Oops! - 

It's short on this end - LOL -

I'm just keeping it real, folks - 
I messed up - 
I obviously measured wrong somewhere along the way - 
And that might have involved - 
NOT paying attention - LOL -
I know that I trimmed up the RED fat quarters - 
To straighten them - 
But I didn't think I trimmed them THAT much! - 
So - anyway - 
Guess what I want/need to fix tomorrow - 
Before I can say that I "finished" sewing the backing - ;))
Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - 


Gene Black said...

Ha ha, I have done that a few times. Sometimes when "connecting the dots" we miss one of those dots.

Sue said...

Heeheee! Welcome to the club!


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